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What Makes Blix eBikes Different?

March 23, 2020

There are numerous technologies that have changed the world and altered our lifestyles! Electric vehicles, specifically, electric bikes are just one example of the benefits of technology and advancements in clean transportation! Electric bicycles, or eBikes, are not only being used for recreational purposes, they are being used as a viable transportation option used to travel to work, to the grocery store, to pick up children from school and more. Check out the latest Blix blog to learn more about what makes Blix ebikes different!


So What are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes are simply bikes that include:

  • A motor
  • A battery that powers the motor
  • The drive-train that integrates the power in the rear wheel
  • A way to control the power, through a manual throttle and/or sensor that detects when the bike is being used, and provides the selected level of assistance

This seemingly complex array of electric technology provides a fast, efficient and renewable way of traveling around. Here’s how it works on the Blix electric bike models:   

Rear-hub and Geared-hub motors

The rear-hub motor is located in the rear wheel of all Blix ebikes. The Aveny, Sol, and Vika+ have 500w rear-hub motors and the Packa has a 750W geared-hub motor. Both types of motors provide assist when engaged by pedaling or using the throttle. They offer a boost while you ride and make hills a breeze!


The standard battery on the Blix ebike models is a 48V 14ah Samsung Lithium Ion battery which is a highly efficient battery providing up to a 45 mile range and long life span. The Packa is unique as it uses a dual-battery system which utilizes a 48V 10.4ah battery and the standard 48V 14Ah battery. It never takes more than 5% from each battery giving you maximum power usage and a range of up to 70 miles per charge. 

Pedal Assist and Throttle

Blix Electric Bikes are powered by a fully automated, electric pedal assist system with five levels of power. This allows riders to control the amount of exercise they want by selecting the level of pedal assist power, or turn it off completely. Either way, the hand throttle control is always available to power your ride.


All Blix ebike models are designed with ultra-low step frames to make getting on and off the bike super easy! Plus, it is great for riders with physical limitations who might find it hard to swing their leg over the frame. Blix also come in chic colors such as racing green, black, cream, charcoal, and bright white. Each detail from the leather seat, grips, and front plate create a stylish ebike ready for every adventure!

Multi-Modular Rack system

The coolest aspect of the Blix ebike lineup is every model from the Vika+ folding ebike to the Packa cargo ebike feature a multi-modular rack system. This system includes smart mounting points in the front and the rear which let you mix and match accessories. You can add baskets, bags, and racks all designed by Blix to make your ebike perfect for your riding needs!

If you have any questions about any Blix models, contact us at or give us a call at 855-655-2549.


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