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How to: Prep your Ebike for Spring

March 18, 2020

Spring is finally here and we could not be more excited! Getting your Blix or any bike ready for spring riding after a long winter is super important and will keep you safe. Don't forget to head to your local bike shop if you feel uncomfortable performing the tune up yourself and even if you are comfortable, we always recommend having professional bike mechanics take a final look before you ride! While we have a super helpful Blix Spring Riding Guide, here are some extra tips and tricks for prepping your bike this season!


At Home Tune-Up Checklist:

  • Tighten your seat clamp and make sure it hasn't come loose before you get on and ride off
  • Check your handlebars to make sure the screws are tight and they are still in a comfortable position
  • If you own a Vika+, make sure the folding mechanisms on the handlbars and the frame are secure. If they feel extra tight, try to fold and unfold the bike a couple times as well as apply a light amount of grease. If they feel loose, contact Blix tech support! 
  • Grab a tire pump and check the PSI on your front and rear tire. Add air if the PSI is lower than the recommend number listed on your tire
  • Check your spokes and clean any debris from the winter out of them
  • Check your gear shifter and derailer to make sure shifting is easy and if you feel any resistance, take it into a shop to have them adjust the parts for you as this can be difficult without previous bike experience
  • Clean your chain and add grease if it seems stiff
  • Clean your brake pads and make sure when you brake the motor cutoff and brake levers feel secure and to your liking! If not, we recommend having a shop conduct a full brake check and adjustment for you as this can be difficult and braking is KEY to your safety and others on the road with you.
  • Charge your battery and do a full electrical check including: using the throttle, changing pedal assist, and turning on the lights
  • Lastly, wash your bike to get it sparkly clean and looking pretty for all your rides!

Taking the time to double check all aspects of your bike before you go for a ride will keep you safe and having more fun! A local shop can also check all of this for you and might be a better option especially if your bike has been in storage for a while. Spring riding is some of the best riding all year and your adventures on your Blix are just beginning!


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