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Tips&Tricks: Tools to bring with you!

March 11, 2020

It's never fun when you are riding along whether for leisure or commuting and you get a flat tire, feel a screw coming loose, or can't get your gear shifter to shift down or up. While we always recommend taking your Blix to a local bike shop for tuneups, warranty issues, and repair, keeping some of these tools handy while you ride is a great way for easy fixes to help you reach your destination safely! Check out the latest Blix tips and tricks on tools to bring with you while you ride.


Recommended Tools:

  • Your Blix Tool Kit that you used to assemble the bike
  •  An extra folding Allen Wrench key set
  • A mini tire pump
  • A spare tube
  • A tire patch kit
  • A tire lever
  • A Philips screwdriver
  • Batteries
  • Flashing lights to add to yourself and your bike if the repair needs to be done at night
  • Work gloves in case you need to fix the chain and don't want to get greasy
  • Duct tape. You can never go wrong with a roll of duct tape!

How do I carry all of this?

Each Blix ebike is designed with a pannier rail to let you add bags to your rear rack to help carry essential items such as a ready-made tool kit! If you have the Vika+, you can use the Top Rack Bag and carry your tools easily in the compact, and easy to use bag. The Smart Pannier is great for the Packa and can carry a ton of items! If you have the Aveny or Sol, either the Blix Everyday Bag or the Blix Tote are super stylish and great for errands or work, and can easily store your tool kit!

Video How-To: 

Looking for some extra tips? Check out Global Cycling Network's awesome guide for every tool you'll need for your bike rides both electric and traditional! 


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