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Fun Ways to Make the Most of Daylight Savings

March 08, 2020

Yesterday was Daylight Savings in California and all other states who still fall back and spring forward! With the sun lasting longer into the evening, it brings relief after the long winter and gives hope for an early spring. So what will you do with that extra hour of sunshine in the evening? Check out the latest Blix blog for fun ways to enjoy springing forward!


What can I do with a Blix?

With a Blix ebike and the extra hour of sunlight you can:

  • Go for an evening sunset ride
  • Ride to your favorite place to have a picnic 
  • Head into town for an early dinner or special treat
  • Go for a ride with friends to an outdoor happy hour
  • Switch up date night and plan a fun ride through a local park, along the waterfront, or even just around the neighborhood
  • Run errands and ditch the car more often
  • Bike to your favorite tennis court or field and play your favorite sport!

What are other fun activities?

Maybe you don't want to ride your bike or feel like its time to try something new! Here are some ideas:

  • Go for a walk after work
  • Invite friends over for dinner outside
  • Grab your favorite book and sit outside while you read
  • Set up blankets in your yard and watch the sunset
  • Finish up work emails outside
  • Ditch the gym and exercise outdoors!
  • Afternoon yoga

Having an extra hour of sunshine can really boost your mood and activity levels. Finding something to do that is both mentally and physically healthy for you is important, especially after a long winter. How will you spend your extra hour?


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