All About Blix eBike Models

February 19, 2020

The Blix ebike lineup has something to offer riders looking for various aspects of an ebike. From a chic folding ebike to a cargo bike that can really pack it all to a super stylish city ebike to a laid-back cruiser, our models focus on riders wants and needs for any and every adventure. Check out our new About Blix videos and learn more about each of the Blix ebike models in the latest Blix blog!


Sol Electric Cruiser

The Sol electric cruiser provides the ultimate comfort of an ebike. With wide-swept back handlebars, a big seat, and cushy tires, it makes riding the Sol a dream. Cruise along the water front, local park, or around town! The Sol has a 500W motor to make hills a breeze. It also has a 48V 14Ah battery to give you a range of up to 45 miles per charge. You can add color matched fenders and a rear rack to add accessories! 

The Sol also has the lowest step-through of all Blix ebikes making it super easy to get on and off the bike. So, if you are just getting back on a bike, recovering from an injury, or wanting an easy ride, the Sol is the perfect choice!

 Aveny Electric City Bike

The Aveny combines classic style with an unmatched riding experience. With a 45 mile range, up to 20mph speed, pedal assist, and throttle, the Aveny is the perfect everyday commuter. With an upright riding position, you'll be comfortable as you head to work without breaking a sweat! Add a front basket and you are ready for the farmer's market, a lunch date, or ride through a national park! 

The Aveny comes with color matched fenders, a rear rack, integrated front and rear lights, and a bell! It is ready to ride and is sure to make hills a breeze. It comes in cream, black, and racing green. 


Packa Electric Cargo Bike

The Packa is designed to help families and anyone looking to carry a ton of stuff with them! It has a 400lbs pay load and space on the rear rack for up to two kids either in child seats or secured by the VIP section and rear rack cushions. The Packa has a 750W motor and a dual battery system which lets you choose if you want a single 10.4Ah battery or an additional 14Ah battery. You can go up to 70 miles per charge and up to 20mph making it easy to ditch the car and spend more time outdoors with your family! 

The Packa also has a modular rack system which lets you customize your ebike to match your riding needs. You can add bags, racks, and baskets in addition to child accessories. Whatever you plan to bring with you and wherever you choose to go, the Packa has you covered. 

Vika+ Electric Folding Bike

The Vika+ folding ebike is perfect for RVers, people living in the city with smaller apartments, anyone who loves to take their bikes on road trips, and riders looking for a compact option with a lot of power and fun to ride! The Vika+ has a 500W motor to help propel you to 20mph using either pedal assist or the throttle. It also has a 48V 14Ah battery to give you up to a 45 mile range. You can also add accessories on the front and rear to carry anything you might need, including a small child up to 55lbs! 

Fold the Vika+ in a matter of seconds and be on your way. This foldable ebike packs a punch and is so much fun to ride! Whether you are looking to amp up your camping game or find a new way to commute, the Vika+ is a great option.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Blix eBike lineup!

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