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Top reasons to own an electric bike!

January 23, 2020

There are so many reasons to own an ebike! Often people think that ebikes are only for older adults who want the extra push or commuters who don't like driving, but they are so wrong! Ebikes offer fun, exercise, and a greener future for all who ride them whether they are 16 or 96. Check out the latest Blix Life blog for Blix's top reasons to own an electric bike. 

Overcome Riding Barriers

With pedal assist and throttles, you know that you have that extra power to conquer hills, ride longer, and keep up with the group! An ebike is great for avid cyclists and people just starting a new fitness routine. You choose your level of assist to help you overcome any previous riding barrier you might have experienced!

Increase Your Freedom

Electric bikes are your way to freedom. I’m talking about freedom to choose your way of living, whether it's being able to move freely without a physical limitation, not spending money on car payments, or reducing your carbon emissions while having fun at the same time!

Make Commuting Stress Free

An ebike lowers the gap between your car commute and bicycle commute, it finds a sweet spot where you actually get the best of both worlds – less traffic or fighting over parking spots and more activity in your sedentary lifestyle with the option to arrive sweat free.  

Save Time for More Fun

Riding an electric bike is really an amazing feeling, it’s amazing because you move so quickly. I’m not talking top speed only (not all places or riders want to go 20+ mph with a bike), but you get started faster after all those red lights, you go faster up any hill. Add the no-traffic-no-parking-issue to the equation and your short-trip commute will be cut in half compared to your traditional car ride.

 Live healthy, live long.

Riding an electric bike is an easy way to increase your activity level and live healthier without feeling like it's a chore. You might actually be even healthier riding an ebike than compared to riding a regular bike that requires your full effort at all times. How you ask? The answer is that you simply end up riding your bike way more often that you used to. It turns out that people riding an electric bicycle end up biking 2-3 times more than what they do with a regular bike! It gets you hooked, making you wanna bike more, and more… and more. 

 Spend Family Time Outdoors

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, etc., ebikes provide options for every rider to enjoy time outdoors on their bike. Cargo ebikes like the Packa let you bring the kids with you! Folding ebikes like the Vika+ let you travel and keep up with your grandkids at the campsite! And city ebikes like the Aveny transform spending time with loved ones by making everyone able to leisure ride or go to the farmer's market together! Or maybe you all just want to relax and find a new activity to do together which is done easily and comfortably with a cruiser ebike like the Sol.

We could go on and on about the best reasons to own an ebike. Add adventure to your lifestyle or switch up your routine to feel mentally and physically healthier. Whatever your reason for owning an ebike is, it's definitely a good one!


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