How to Choose the Right Ebike for You!

January 15, 2020 1 Comment

Finding the right ebike for you shouldn't be a challenge! At Blix, we created four models of ebikes to be user-focused, stylish, and practical for all different types of riding. Whether you're an avid commuter, just want to cruise, or love to adventure, there's an ebike model for you! Check out our latest how-to blog and learn how to find the right ebike for all your riding needs.


A Basic Guideline to Starting your Ebike Search:

The most common question we hear at Blix is "What should I look for when choosing an ebike?" This question is hard to answer because it really depends on your personal preferences. A good system to use is to ask yourself these 10 questions before you start your search:

  1. What style of ebike do I want? Mountain, City, Folding, Cargo, Cruiser, Trike?
  2. Do I want an upright or relaxed riding position?
  3. Do I want a step-over or a low-step frame?
  4. Will I need/want a compact bike or a full size bike?
  5. Where do I plan to ride my bike?
  6. What do I plan to bring with me on my bike?
  7. How far do I plan to ride every day?

Based on your answers, it will provide a basic set of guidelines to help you narrow your search for the perfect ebike!

How to find the right Blix model for you:

If you have decided that a Blix seems to fit your needs and wants, here are some of our tips for choosing the right Blix for you.

The Sol:

This ecruiser is definitely the bike for you if....

  • you want to sit back and enjoy the ride, up to 20mph with the throttle or pedal assist
  • you want wide handlebars, big cushy seat, and fat tires
  • you like to ride leisurely 
  • you like to cruise along a water front or through town
  • you want an ultra-low step-through frame

The Aveny:

This city electric bike is perfect for you if....

  • you want a new way to commute to work, up to 45 miles away per charge
  • you want a chic ride for the farmers market, lunch runs, or exploring the city
  • you like the look of classic Euro city bikes and upright riding positions
  • you want fenders, a rear rack, and lights already on the frame at time of purchase
  • you want to tackle hills with ease and not worry about breaking a sweat before a big meeting

The Packa:

This compact cargo ebike is the best car replacer and great if....

  • you have younger kids and want to take them to school, play-dates, or sports without a car
  • you want to be more sustainable and reduce your car trips (up to 70 miles per charge)
  • you need to carry A LOT of stuff (up to 400lbs including the rider)
  • you are tired of parking lots, traffic, and the stress of driving
  • you like feeling extra sturdy and be seen on the road

The Vika+:

This foldable electric bike can really do it all! It is the most versatile and really packs a punch. It will be your first choice if...

  • you love to road trip and need a compact bike to fold up and bring on all your RV trips
  • you live in a city apartment or use city transportation or need to bring your bike with you easily and not have it take up too much space 
  • you want to ride up to 45 miles on a super powerful folding ebike with a 500W motor
  • you like the versatility of mixing and matching accessories to turn your foldable into a mini cargo carrier
  • you are always looking for a new place to adventure!

Whichever ebike you choose, finding one that fits your needs is the most important. Happy riding :) 


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