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Everlasting Summer with the Blix Sol eCruiser

September 06, 2019

Labor day has come and gone meaning fall is fast approaching. Sunset rides turn into cruising through neighborhood parks watching the leaves fall. While fall rides are super fun, everyone wants summer to last just a little longer and that's where the Blix Sol eCruiser comes in to save the end of summer! Check out the latest review by Electric Bike Review and why they find the Sol so enjoyable.


 The Blix Sol is "an entry priced cruiser electric bike with tons of available accessories, upgraded 500W motor, powerful and long lasting 48v 14ah battery, disc brakes, and thicker tires." The frame and features of the Sol are all built to enhance that summer cruiser, extremely comfortable feel, including a "super wide handlebar with a back sweep." Another upgrade are the 2.2" thick tires which "means more cushion, comfort, and stability overall."

With the lowest step-through option available at only 17.25", the "Blix Sol is very approachable." Available in sky blue and charcoal, the Sol has a "frame that is stylish." With the upgraded model, you can add fenders and a rear rack, great for adding all of the new Blix accessories. Additionally, the Sol has "both pedal assist and a thumb throttle on the left" which lets you decide how much assist you want while cruising along! Riding "comes naturally and feels smooth, no need to pedal, just enjoy the ride."

Helping power the new powerful 500W motor, the 48V 14 Ah battery is "a high capacity battery and compliments the system well" especially when "you are hauling kids around and need to engage that electric motor to the max." It is centrally located under the seat making the Blix Sol "very steady and even front to rear." Overall, the Sol is ready for riders to make it their own and keep on cruising even when summer is over!

Check out the video review here:

 Thank you to Electric Bike Review for reviewing the Blix Sol! 


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