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"A Punchy Commuter Ebike" - Electrek on the Blix Vika+

August 27, 2019

Recently reviewed the updated Blix VIka+ and were surprised at the amount of power for such a compact folding ebike. Micah from Electrek had previously reviewed the Blix Aveny city ebike, so testing out the folding Blix ebike model gave him a wider perspective on the types of bikes Blix creates. Check out his review and watch his Youtube video below!


The Blix Vika+ "is a folding bike that combines fancy style with deceptive power." Part of what makes Blix different is the focus on balancing style and power to create both a good looking and user-friendly ebike. The Vika+ "is a refined ebike that turns heads and starts conversations." However, "as dapper and polished the design is, what I really like about the Vika+ is how well it rides."

With updates including a 500W motor and 48V battery, riding the Vika+ is "a much more thrilling experience." Plus, "when it comes to hill climbing or stop light acceleration, that extra power is always welcome." The Vika+ offers both pedal assist and throttle options, so there are multiple ways to ride. The 48V 14Ah battery has 672W of power which means you "can ride for days and days before needing to recharge," and it even powers "the built in lights on the bike which I love!"

Blix Vika+ Folded

Some of the newly updated features include the seat which is cushy and "has an included grab handle under the saddle that works great for positioning the bike when you need to move it around tight spaces like an elevator or your living room." The seat can lift up which "allows the battery to be removed," great for "charging inside or just decreasing the chance of getting your battery stolen when parked outside."

Another cool thing about the Blix Vika+ is Blix has designed baskets and racks that work on the front head tube and rear rack. The "wide range of options in  Blix's new line of cargo accessories is definitely impressive, so it’s worth checking out if you’re already considering getting a Blix bike." Another perk of the Vika+ frame is the"low-step through design of the fram makes mounting a breeze," in addition to its folding ability!

Overall, the Vika+ "certainly has a lot going for it and enough differentiation to set it apart from the rest of the pack. It would make a great city bike and commuter option for many people."

Check out the Youtube review below!


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