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"An Elegant Electric Bike"- EBR on the Blix Aveny

August 22, 2019

In addition to reviewing the updated Blix Vika+, Electric Bike Review tested the updated Blix Aveny city ebike. The overall impression of the Aveny is that it "is an elegant electric bike with tons of new accessories, upgraded 500 watt motor, powerful and long lasting 48v 14ah battery, disc brakes, thicker tires, can fit a Yepp child seat, and is feature complete with lights, rack, fenders."  Check out the review below in our latest Blix Journal.


The Aveny "is a stylish step-thru ebike with a laid back cruiser approach and upgraded drivetrain hardware, a full accessories package, and a powerful geared hub motor drive system." Electric Bike Review is also impressed with the Blix price point and ability to design stylish and user friendly bikes. They consider the Aveny to be "one of the more interesting models on the market right now because it hits a reasonable price point" and is "commuter ready out of the box."

Looking specifically at the design of the Aveny, it is "built around a wave “step-thru” frame that is stylish and easy to approach, while maintaining stability at the same time." Although the frame is ultra-low, the wave style frame "increases strength, it also helps to balance out any rear cargo you might add to the back rack." This might include a child, meaning extra stability and strength is super important to both the rider's and child's safety! In addition to the rear rack, there is an abundance of accessories Blix recently launched for the Aveny and other bike models. Electric Bike Review finds there to be "really a lot of cool options and I love the utility of it all." These include a large basket attachment for the rear rack, and "in the front there is a color matched basket available with a drink holder area, small platform rack, and a large platform rack."

Aveny Rear rack and Battery Blix Ebike

Another perk of the frame design on the Aveny is the position of the battery under the seat. This means the "weight is positioned well and the battery is easy to remove for charging or transport because of the flip-up saddle mount." The battery is now a 48V 14Ah battery which "is what I would consider a high capacity battery and compliments the system well... when you are hauling kids around and need to engage that electric motor to the max, a battery like this is just what you want." Plus, with 5 levels of pedal assist and a throttle, there are "many ways to ride."

Check out the EBR Video Review Below:

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