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"Favorite Folding Model on the Market"- Electric Bike Review

August 14, 2019

The newly updated Blix Vika+ has continued to impress industry reviewers. After detailed examinations and testing, Electric Bike Review was impressed with the style, ride, and functionality of the Vika+. Learn more about EBR's review in this Blix Journal, as well as check out the Youtube video review!


 Electric Bike Review is one of the largest ebike review sites and have reviewed Blix since the beginning. As EBR had reviewed the earlier Blix Vika+ models, it was great to see how the upgrades improved the ride, design, and style of the Blix folding ebike. Mikey, the reviewer for EBR, calls the Vika+ an "elegant folding electric bike with tons of new accessories."

It also has a "fast folding design with magnetic clasps that keep the bike from unfolding on the go"  it makes "transport clean and easy."  With upgrades including a 500W motor, 48V 14AH battery, and step-thru frame, "it's one of my favorite folding models on the market right now" especially because "it hits a reasonable price point, but is still sold through dealers" and online! 

In addition to the motor and battery upgrades, the thicker tires provide "more cushion, comfort, and stability overall." Plus, the step-through frame is "lower than the average folding electric bike" making it "easier to mount and stand over"for smaller riders. The frame now also includes "mounting points in the front and rear so you can put baskets, racks or other accessories on the bike."While it may be more difficult to fold with some of the accessories, the added utility is worth it and you can fit a small child on the rear rack. 

The design of the battery location on the Vika+ is also a feature that EBR highlights. "With the centrally mounted battery pack, the bike is very steady and even front to rear." The battery itself is "really a big win! This is what I would consider a high capacity battery and compliments the [motor] system well." With the 500W motor and "with the pedal assist and throttle, you have many ways to ride and it eliminates the need for pedaling at all if you get tired."

 Overall, the Blix Vika+ is "beautiful but not overpriced, the components are all upgraded, and safety and strength have really been taken into consideration."

 Check out the EBR video review:


Thank you to EBR for the review! Check out the entire review here!


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