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"Sporty compact efolder with impressive cargo"- Electric Bike Report

August 08, 2019

Recently, Pete from Electric Bike Reportreviewed the updated Blix Vika+ folding ebike. He was impressed with the range, style, and cargo abilities of the Vika+ and found his riding experience to be super fun! In this Blix Journal, check out Electric Bike Report's review and learn more about the Vika+.


Part 1: Tech Specs

As Electric Bike Report has reviewed Blix in the past, it was great to have Pete review the newly updated features of Blix models such as the 14Ah battery and 500W motor to see how Blix has worked hard to provide the best ebikes for all riders. "The new Blix Vika+ is a good example of these features in a compact and portable electric folding bike."  

The Vika+ has a "low step-thru area that makes getting on and off the Vika+ very easy." Plus, "even though the Vika+ has a compact look it can support up to a 240 pound rider and it has a total payload capacity of 270 lbs." As a folding ebike, it "takes less than a minute" to fold and unfold.

Electric Bike report also mentions the addition of disc-brakes, a new display with USB port, and slightly wider tires, all of which added to the comfort and functionality of the Vika+. Additionally, "Blix offers accessories for many different cargo options for the front and back of the Vika+."

Blix Vika Folded

Part 2: Riding Experience

Pete couldn't wait to get on the Vika+ and see how it rides. He put the Vika+ through an intense range test on real roads with varying elevation to get the most real-world riding experience he could in a short period of time. "A big highlight is the very impressive range it provided in the tough range test."  The Vika+ is "a nimble and easy to ride eBike," with "an upright and comfortable ride feel." 

Pete also tested two of the new Blix accessories with the Vika+. "The front rack has a very clean and sturdy attachment at the head tube" and can hold anything including small boxes. "The rear cargo basket is large and well suited to carrying groceries, backpack/messenger bags, etc. It adds to the style of the Vika+." However, the Vika+ is still compact. "Its small size is good for storing at a house/apartment and workplace. It's easier to take in a car, on a bus, train, subway, etc." 

Additionally, the new feature of the 500W geared rear hub motor "gives this eFolder some kick!"  For example, "the acceleration from a stop is powerful and the motor can provide a lot of assist on steeper hills." Speed is kept in check with Tektro mechanical disc-brakes that "have a powerful feel that has a broad spectrum of braking power from just a little to full stop."

Overall, Electric Bike Report thinks the Vika+ "is an impressive compact eCargo bike" and it folds!

Thank you Electric Bike Report for reviewing the Vika! Check out the video review below:

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