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The Advantages of Low-Step Frames

February 11, 2020

Low-step (aka step-through) frames have started to gain popularity among both men and women! By offering a lower frame to easily step your foot over, more people of all ages, physical abilities and heights are able to hop on a Blix and go. All Blix ebike models feature low-step frames to provide accessibility and fun to all! In this Blix blog, we discuss the benefits of low-step ebike frames.


Benefits of Low-Step Frames:

Unparalleled Accessibility - A low-step frame allows the rider to mount and dismount their bike easily and effortlessly. This is exceptionally helpful for people who might struggle physically to lift their leg over a high step frame, whether due to injury, height, or age. The Blix Sol has an ultra low-step frame to make cruising along worry free for every rider regardless of ability to lift their leg high! 

Increased Confidence - The step-through frame is also ideal for riding in urban areas that require a lot of stopping and starting. Halting at stop-signs are no longer a worry as you can easily plant your feet on the ground. The ability to simply step off the saddle and stand to regain your balance if needed (especially if the bike is a bit tall for you) is a great advantage and confidence booster for city riders. This is one of the reasons a lot of couriers choose this style of bike. The Aveny is our city ebike and it features super stable weight distribution in addition to it's low-step frame as well as other safety features such as a brake light to make sure you are seen when stopping. Riding through traffic doesn't have to be scary with the Blix Aveny!

Pleasantly Practical - Commuting to work with a Blix is great for many reasons. One of the top reasons is that you don't need to wear a Lycra uniform. Instead, you arrive at the office feeling fresh and energized. This is also true with taking the kids to school or carrying large amounts of cargo. The Packa cargo ebike is specially designed with a low-step frame to provide the easiest and most sturdy frame for parents with kids or anyone with heavy equipment! Additionally, with the Packa's low-step frame, you can easily run errands and even ride into the office wearing your professional attire and not have to worry about embarrassing rips once you dismount! 

It's Fun! - The low step frame makes it easy to hop on and off the bike as you travel to the farmer's market, local coffee shop, neighborhood park, or on your next RV adventure! Bring along the highly versatile Vika+ folding ebike and you have the best of both worlds: a low-step frame and a foldable ebike to take everywhere


Long gone are the days when we had men's and ladies bikes - now we are in the age of "what works best for me?" If you are not the most flexible person on the planet, if you like to ride into work wearing your best clothes, or if you simply just enjoy the freedom of being able to hop on and off your bike, a low-step ebike is the perfect option for you!


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