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Blix Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 07, 2020

Valentine's Day is the perfect reason to treat yourself, a loved one, or both of you to something special! Whether you are travel enthusiasts, enjoy sunset dates, head to the farmer's market every weekend, or just enjoy switching up your dates, ebikes are the perfect gift! This February, let's ride together and find a new way to spend time with loved ones or yourself. Check out the Blix Valentine's Day gift guide below!


Blix Together!

Finding someone to ride with on your Blix can turn every ride into an adventure! Whether it is a coworker you want to start ebike commuting with, your significant other whom you wish to try out new dates, your parents, siblings, and kids, finding two Blix ebikes that fit your riding wants and needs is made simple with the Blix ride together option! 

Save $200 by using RIDETOGETHER at checkout. You can mix and match any two Blix ebikes of your choice. So if you both have different riding needs and wants, the RIDETOGETHER code lets you each choose the Blix of your choice, doesn't matter if it's two of the same or not. 

Here are some RideTogether combos we recommend:

Two Vika+ ebikes if you both love to RV, travel, boat, or need to store in a small space.

An Aveny and a Sol if you both love to leisure ride, but have different riding position preferences.

Any Blix and a Packa if you have kids and want to do family rides together!

Treat yourself!

Valentine's Day is also a great time to treat yourself to that ebike you've been eyeing. February is one month closer to spring and getting your bike ready to go for the nice weather is always great. Beat the rush and be ready for that first sunny day. 

If you are looking for a daily commuter or fun way to get around your town, we recommend the Aveny

If you are more into cruising along and weekend fun, then definitely the Sol is the ebike for you. 

If you have kids or need to carry a BUNCH of stuff, the Packa has your back!

If you are into camping, traveling, or need something compact to fit in your city apartment, the Vika+ can do it all!

 Take a trip!

A romantic weekend getaway seems like another great Valentine's Day gift. If you're into warm sunshine, wine, and local art, then head to MacArthur Place in Sonoma CA. Plus, you can take a Blix Aveny out for the day and see just how fun it really is to ride a Blix!


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