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Vacation with Blix Ebikes!

August 29, 2019

During vacation, taxis and car share apps can really add up in both time spent waiting for the ride, traffic to your destination, and cost. Two hotels in great vacation areas (San Francisco and Sonoma) provide their guests with another transportation option: Blix electric bikes. In this Blix Journal we discuss the benefits of ebikes on vacation as well as why MacArthur Place and Stanford Court are sublime vacation destinations!


 Benefits of Ebikes on Vacation:

Vacation is all about relaxation! Electric bikes provide a super fun, convenient, and cheap way to explore a new destination. Plus, ebikes provide an active way of exploring which means no need to worry about exercising at a gym while on vacation, rather you can spend more time sight seeing. Say goodbye to traffic too, which is super beneficial if you want to stay a few minutes longer at your current location before zipping off to the next. Staying at hotels that offer Blix electric bikes, guests have the options to use pedal assist and a throttle which means hilly destinations and long distances between sites are not a problem at all! Headed to dinner? The low step-through frames make it easy to dress your best and step off looking just as fresh as when you left the hotel. Romantic getaways have a new type of date night! Maybe you are wanting to head to the local market, grab an ebike and fill your basket with fresh goodies and local crafts. 

Blix Favorite Locations: 

Before planning your next vacation, two locations Blix recommends are San Francisco and Sonoma, both located in Northern California. San Francisco is perfect for someone looking to experience a bustling city, but also wanting to be close to the ocean and fun beaches to relax for a day or two. San Francisco may be hilly, but stay at Stanford Courtand take one of their Blix ebikes out for a day to explore Golden Gate park or maybe Union Square. Beat the busy city traffic and high cost taxis by riding your own Blix. Stanford Court says "Blix bikes look beautiful, and they’re also comfortable – a huge plus for users of all different capacities," which means wherever your vacation plans take you in San Francisco, the Blix ebike can get you there.


Our other favorite location which offers a more relaxed, country aesthetic is Sonoma. Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa weekend, touring wineries, exploring in a hot air balloon, or all of the above, MacArthur Place is the perfect place to stay!  Plus, what better way to get around than with a complimentary Blix Aveny with a basket to store your local goodies including fine wines, snacks, and art. MacArthur Place "brings together brands to create a re-imagined guest experience to speak to the property's past, present and future" and that is one of the reasons Blix is proud to partner with them! Their guests love the Blix ebikes provided because they are "stylish, economical and efficient modes of transportation." As one guest mentioned, "MacArthur Place is "amazing, unforgettable, breathtaking and luxurious with great amenities, including free [Blix] electric bicycles to go into town."

So... where will you be heading next?


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