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The Blix Packa is Fun for the Whole Family!

August 02, 2019

This summer, finding a new way to run errands, take the kids around, and even get to work, can add fun for the entire family. The Blix Packa compact cargo ebike, is ready to replace the car and help you and your kids spend more time outdoors, adventure together, and practice sustainability. Below are some Blix summer riding ideas. Plus, check out some of the reasons the Packa is the best cargo ebike this summer according to Electric Bike Review!


Blix Summer Riding Ideas:

  • Ride to your local county or state fair
  • Explore your town by bike for the day
  • Ride along the waterfront or through the park and have a family picnic
  • Head to the local farmer's market
  • Ride to sports practice and then ice cream (yum!)
  • Bring the Packa camping
  • Grab the kids and head to the local swimming pool
  • Beach day or Lake day! Pack the cooler, the beach chairs, swimsuits and be on your way

    The possibilities for summer family fun on the Blix Packa are endless! The kids will love the wind rushing past their face as you ride along (and we're pretty sure you will have just as much fun riding, especially with the pedal assist and throttle options). Check out some of the reasons why Electric Bike Review loves the Blix Packa and why it is the best choice for all riding needs.

    Electric Bike Review: The Blix Packa

    According to a review by Court at Electric Bike Review, the Packa is a "family-friendly mid-tail electric cargo bike." The low-step through frame and "unique 24-inch wheel size lowers frame height and makes the bike easier to approach, load, and stand over." 

    The Packa is "very comfortable" and easy to load with up to a 400lbs payload. It is "an excellent value" especially because it comes with "extra wide fenders, integrated lights, and the option of expanding the battery for long-range uses" all the way up to 70 miles per charge. The reflective material and integrated lights are also important to the safety of the rider and passengers. Blix has focused efforts into making the safest cargo electric bike for families.

    With 5 levels of pedal assist and a throttle, it is super rider friendly. "As someone with sensitive knees, once you get the bike started, all you have to do is move the cranks for pedal assist to kick in, you don't have to pedal hard since it only senses motion." This is especially helpful when loading the Packa with kids, and all the summer equipment you need.

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab the Packa, the kids, and have the best summer adventures ever!


    The full review can be found here!

    Learn how the Packa can replace the car here!

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