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Summer Cruising on the Blix Sol

July 25, 2019

We are officially in the heat of summer, both literally and figuratively... As we enjoy our vacations, time with the kids at home, and long summer days, cruising around becomes a new favorite hobby. Whether you are riding along your neighborhood bike path with friends at sunset, going for a date night cruise around the water, or heading out to a lunch, the Blix Sol is the perfect summer ecruiser. Learn more about the Sol below!


The Sol is designed with an ultra-low step-through frame to enhance rider stability and ease of getting on and off the ecruiser. With a step-through height of only 17", the Sol frame provides a comfortable height for people of most physical capabilities to throw their legs over and start riding! Feel relaxed and in control on the Sol.

Additionally, the Sol ecruiser has a 500W motor and 14Ah battery. The combination of efficiency and power from the battery and motor allows riders to propel themselves up to 20 mph and up to 45 miles per charge. Plus, hills will be a breeze! Whether you choose to use pedal assist or the throttle, you can cruise all summer long. 

One of the Blix favorite features, is the front head tube mount and new fender and rear rack accessory line designed for the Sol. With matching Sky Blue and Charcoal colors, you can add utility without losing style! The rear rack can even hold a Yepp child seat so you can bring the kids. Front head-tube mounted accessories let you cruise with cargo and have better balance. Grab the beach towels, picnic, softball gear, and enjoy your summer rides. 

Where will you ride your Sol this summer?


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