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Experience Freedom on an Ebike

July 11, 2019

There feeling of wind rushing past your face while you pedal along to your destination is unbeatable. While some riders feel they can no longer experience this joy as they age, their daily life becomes car focused, or they choose to live in a smaller dwelling, an electric bike is the perfect option to regain the freedom to ride! Learn how an ebike can increase your freedom to explore, spend more time out of the car, and live a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.


Freedom to Explore:

Whether you are planning a road trip, eager to explore a local gem, or riding with friends, an electric bike will provide the power needed for any adventure! Folding ebikes are a great option for road trips as riders can fold and unfold their bike in a few seconds and be on their way. When folded, the Blix Vika+  can fit in most car trunks, RV storage areas, and even boats! Plus, if you live in an apartment or small home, you can still store your bike securely in your home without worrying about having enough space! Turn on the battery, use the pedal assist or throttle, and head out for your ride. Hills shouldn't stop you from exploring further and neither should a fear of running out of stamina as you pedal along. With an ebike, you will have the freedom to ride whenever and wherever your heart desires!

Freedom from a Car:

We spend too much of our time driving to and from work, finishing chores, or picking the kids up from school. Commuting in traffic, fighting for parking spaces, and feeling stuck inside when the weather is warm, can negatively impact both mental and physical health. An electric bike, especially a cargo ebike, can provide the freedom needed without hindering the speed, distance, or cargo capacity required for most of the trips we use a car to drive. The Blix Packa cargo ebike has a range of up to 70 miles, can carry up to 400lbs (including two kids), and has a speed up to 20 mph. Forget spending time in a car to grab groceries or sit in traffic on the weekly commute! Plus, with pedal assist and a throttle, you can arrive at work looking as fresh as when you left the house and with a smile on your face from beating the traffic. An electric bike will help you change your car-focused lifestyle while increasing your joy of spending time outside and saving gas money!

Freedom to Exercise:

Physical limitations can make exercise difficult and feel like a chore. An electric bike can provide a new method of exercise for riders that is both doable and enjoyable. Riders are able to pedal an electric bike, but with the help of the motor which can help them overcome physical barriers preventing them from riding a traditional bike. With certain physical limitations such as knee replacements, pedal assist can help ease the pressure the rider feels when pedaling, without eliminating their workout entirely. The freedom to exercise can improve your mood and physical capabilities, while providing a fun activity!


(Photos from Blix Owner: Peter. M in Redmond, WA)


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