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The Blix Spring Bike Riding Guide!

March 21, 2019

The sun is out, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air! With better weather, it is the perfect time to get back outside and start bike riding once again. Here at Blix Electric Bikes, we wanted to help you prepare yourself and your bike for spring riding—especially after a long winter! Proper clothing, hydration, and bike tune-ups are vital to enjoyable and safe riding. Below, you will find Blix top tips to ensure you and your bike are ready for spring adventures! 

Download your own Spring Riding Infographic!


 Proper clothing:

Spring weather is unpredictable with hot temperatures to sudden rain showers to windy afternoons. Here are some tips to best prepare yourself!

  • Light rain coat: Bringing a light shell that is water resistant can prevent your clothing from becoming wet, but it will also not cause you to overheat in the warmer or humid weather.
  • Sunglasses/Eye-wear: Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from the sun as well as from any rain or debris that may be in the air during spring! 
  • Be cautious of flowing dresses and skirts: Making sure your dresses or skirts will not become caught in your tire or chain is crucial to preventing injury.


Bringing a water bottle with you while riding will help you stay hydrated in the warmer weather. When the sun is out, your body sweats more meaning it requires a higher fluid intake level to stay hydrated! Luckily, with a Blix basket you can carry your water everywhere you go.

Bike Tune-ups and Safety:

Winter riding or storage can be tough on your bike, so it is important to do proper check of all bike components. This includes

  • Tires: Checking tire pressure and checking for punctures, nails, or rocks is recommended as storage time and bad road conditions can cause tire damage or flat tires.
  • Fenders: While spring is sunny, rain is still likely and melting snow can lead to muddy areas. Fenders will protect your bike and your clothing!
  • Clean the entire bike: cleaning the bike frame, chain, and brakes is always important to safe riding, but it is especially vital after bad weather and heavy winter rain!

Benefits of spring bike riding:

The benefits of spring riding are endless! Enjoy flower blooms, baby animals, sunshine and later sunsets. Re-start your exercise routine, change-up how you commute, and spend less time cooped up inside!


Happy spring riding from the Blix Team!

More spring riding preparation tips can be found here!

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