Spring Preparation Check list

March 16, 2018

Spring Preparation Check list

Dust off your bike, pump up the tires, grease the chain, put on your sunglasses, and get ready for the spring time!

Here are the basic steps to get your electric bike back to premium riding condition.

Dust it off:

If your bike has been sitting in your garage over the winter period it might need a little bit of TLC to be restored to its former glory. Wipe the bike down with a rag and if that's not enough a small amount of dish soap and water goes a long way. Make sure to dry your bike afterward, the most important area to look out for is the base of the battery. 

Blix Top Tip: You should avoid cleaning your e-bike with a hose, but if you like to live dangerously make sure never to use high pressure and avoid spraying directly at any area with bearings or electric components.


Pump up the tires:

Ideally, you should pump up your tires once a week to ensure a comfy ride and to prevent punctures from occurring. Your tires should always be within the range printed on them. For example, on the Blix Aveny, the range is between 50 - 85 PSI. Anywhere below this means its time to get pumping!

Blix Top Tip: For lighter riders, you should pump up your tires close to the lower range for maximum comfort. Unless you are carrying a lot of cargo on the e-bike then you will want to be around the maximum pressure.


Grease the chain: 

Lubricating the chain is an important part of bike maintenance. It will increase the lifespan of any components around the drive chain by reducing unnecessary friction and it will also put an end to any annoying squeaking noises you might have been hearing while pedaling. First, you should wipe down the chain with a rag to apply the lubricant to a clean chain. Apply bike specific lubricant directly onto the chain for about one complete revolution (a little goes a long way). Then backpedal to let the lubricant soak into the chain. Finally, wipe excess lubricant off the outside of the chain to prevent dust from collecting on it.

Blix Top Tip: For a more in-depth tutorial to check out our Basic Bike Maintenance Video.



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