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Keep your New Year's Resolutions with an Ebike

December 27, 2019

With another year ending and a new one beginning, it is time to set New Year's resolutions! Whether your resolution is to spend more time with family, get fit, or become more sustainable, an ebike is perfect to help you stick to your goals and have fun while doing so! Check out how a Blix ebike can help you accomplish your 2020 goals and keeping your resolutions all year long. Let's make 2020 our most active and sustainable year ever!


 10 ways an ebike will help you accomplish your 2020 goals:

  1. You can commute to work without worrying about sweating or ruining your outfit before a big meeting.
  2. You can ride faster (up to 20mph) to keep up with cars, especially at stop lights which helps keep you safe! 
  3. You can de-stress after work with a nice bike ride instead of frustrating commute traffic making you extra tired and grumpy.
  4. Pedal assist and a throttle will help you conquer hills and keep up with loved ones who may have more energy or physical capacity than you.
  5. Working out won't feel like a chore with an ebike, making you excited to exercise and willing to go for longer, harder rides.
  6. Ebikes, like the Aveny city ebike or Sol ecruiser, are super cute and fun which makes you want to keep riding and ditch the car for short trips around town. Plus a 45 mile range means exploring doesn't have to be cut short.
  7. Cargo ebikes, like the Blix Packa let you bring the kids along for the ride and make running errands way more enjoyable. No gas bill, no traffic, no overcrowded parking lots and up to 70 miles of pure fun!
  8. Your kids or grandkids will love riding on the back of the Packa and will ask you to go for just one more ride around the block which keeps you active and engaged with your family.
  9. You can join a weekend riding group and meet a bunch of other awesome ebike and traditional cyclists who enjoy exploring as much as you.
  10. You and your partner, friend,coworker, parents, kids, neighbors, strangers can ride together and keep each other accountable all year long as you accomplish your New Year's resolutions one by one with an ebike!

Happy New Year from the Blix Team!


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