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The Blix Winter Riding Guide

December 20, 2019

During winter, the weather becomes a consideration in our daily activities. It's important to remember that bad weather doesn't have to stop us from getting outside! Riding electric bikes in the rain, wind, and snow can seem like a drag, but with the pedal assist of a Blix ebike it can help make your ride less taxing. Here's a list to prepare you for proper and safe winter riding. 
Download our Winter Riding Infographic for all the essentials discussed below!
Proper Clothing:
Keeping your body properly warm requires wearing the correct and enough clothing whether you are riding through rain, snow, or wind. You'll also heat up as you start to ride. Think "Essentials":
Under Layers:It is important to begin with warm moisture-wicking under layers such as long-sleeve shirts, pants and socks.
Jackets: Skip the heavy coat and choose a waterproof windbreaker to keep you dry and warm without overheating.
Accessories: Good quality waterproof gloves and a hat to wear under your helmet will keep your extremities warm. Shoes with trek are also important to prevent slipping and injury! 

    Bike Safety and Accessories:

    With earlier sunsets, slick roads, and more cars on the road, bike safety and preventive accessories are vital for safe winter riding. We want to stress that it is okay to get your electric bike wet when riding outdoors, however, making sure to dry it off and not let the water sit on the bike for extended period of times is important!

    Lights: Front and rear lights will increase your visibility on grayer days and darker roads.
    Fenders: Front and rear fenders will protect you from all kinds of dirt spray landing on you and protect your bike’s components potentially limiting the amount of maintenance and cleaning you have to do after your ride! 
    Brakes: Checking your brakes before you ride and keeping them clean is vital to making sure your bike properly stops in the snow or rain.
    Hydration: Keep yourself hydrated by bringing a water bottle in the front basket or bring a warm drink to have ready for after your ride. Although it's cold, your body still needs fluids!


     Benefits of Winter Biking:

    If you can convince yourself to get outside in the cold and wet weather, the benefits of winter biking are seemingly endless.
    Weight Maintenance:Skip the overcrowded gym and find a fitness routine that you can stick through during the winter months to keep your muscles active and your body healthy
    Mental Health: Staying active helps keep seasonal depression under control by increasing your endorphins, stay happy and healthy this winter!
    New Adventures: Biking in the winter is adventurous, possibly a new experience, and likely to leave you with unforgettable memories!


    Wishing you a warm winter from the Blix Team!

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