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Encouraging Women to Ebike!

December 17, 2019

Over the last few weeks, studies have shown that women feel less comfortable than men riding their bikes. This is especially true when analyzing bike commuters in city compared to suburban locations. While there are numerous possibilities for encouraging women to feel confident and choosing a bike over a car, in this Blix Life blog we discuss the benefits of ebikes for women and ways in which communities can encourage more women to bike!


 Tackle the Everyday Commute

According to Strava, in the U.S., women cyclists commute "an average of 17.4% less than men." Contrarily, according to the League of American Bicyclists, "60% of bike owners between the ages of 17 and 28 are women." This disparity in men and women cyclists is even more salient in cities, especially New York City and Los Angeles. Researches argue that women are more hesitant to commute to work by bike because of "precarious roads, zooming cars, and crappy bike infrastructure" as well as "intimidation in bikes shops and expectations around appearance in the workplace."  Another key factor in women not choosing to commute by bike is the fact that "commuting women make more stops than men to chauffer children and pick up groceries" both of which are nearly impossible on a standard bike.

However, some of these hesitations can be overcome with an ebike. For example, the Blix Aveny has an ultra-low frame, stylish colors, and pedal assist with a throttle as well so that appearance at the work place no longer needs to be a concern for women ebike commuting to work! If the woman is a mom who drops the kids off before heading to the office or stops for errands on the way home, the Blix Packa cargo ebike provides an option for her instead of the car. It is easier to ride to work and with heavy loading than a standard bike. Cargo ebikes open new possibilities to moms looking for a sustainable method of transportation that is both user-friendly for their kids and stylish. 

Find a Community!

As ebikes gain popularity in women circles, there are now "women-based riding clubs and online support groups"  for women specifically and co-ed groups, such as the Blix Owners Group, which support women bike commuters as well as ebike riders in general. Another great option for women cyclists is to participate in local organizations that work towards creating safer bike lanes. A local Santa Cruz organization that we at Blix work with is Ecology Action! Let's use the Netherlands as an example, "because women fought for their roads fifty years ago, they cycle confident that no car or bus will invade the space they made for themselves."  There is still a lot of work to be done around city bike infrastructure, but hopefully an increasing presence of women bike commuters will force policy changes in our state and federal governments.


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