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Battling Climate Change with an eBike

October 08, 2019

With the recent climate strikes and the ever growing importance of switching up the routine to include sustainable transportation, here at Blix we are working hard to spread awareness and encourage others to ditch the car. In this Blix Journal, we discuss what is "micromobility" and how Blix ebikes (and ebikes in general) are a powerful tool to fight climate change.


What is "micromobility"?

The majority of car trips we take throughout the day are less than 5 miles to our destinations. While these distances seem short and thus, we assume do not contribute as much pollution as longer distances, these short car trips add up extremely quickly. The topic of micromobility focuses on reducing the number of short distance car trips we take everyday by replacing the car with an alternative method of transportation such as ebikes. According to the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy, the "first and last mile" phenomenon can be resolved by getting more people on ebikes, especially since "they can cover farther distances" and if they are like any of the Blix electric bike models, can keep a speed of 20mph. 

Additionally, in a recent TreeHugger article, the benefits of replacing short trips (and even longer ones especially with Blix  ranges of 45miles or 70miles per charge) will have dramatic effects on reducing carbon emissions as well as "lower particulate and nitrogen oxide pollution, noise and congestion." All of which are vital to combat climate change.

Why should I switch to a Blix eBike?

While using share ebikes can provide a temporary solution, the amount of money spent on subscriptions and short rides accumulates quickly. Blix creates compelling and user-friendly ebikes that make ditching the car both practical and most importantly, fun! Whether you need to carry a lot of cargo, bring the kids, or ride long distances along a hilly commute, Blix has models to fit each of these needs. The Packa is the perfect car replacement for families or anyone looking to carry as much as they possibly can for up to 70 miles per charge. The Aveny is great for daily commutes, farmers market runs, and quick errands. The Vika+ is the best for city dwellers who need something compact and able to bring on public transportation for their lengthy commutes. Last, but definitely not least, the Sol fits any riders needs and is a super stylish, relaxed ride to make you smile even wider as you zip past traffic. 

Not only will you reduce carbon emissions by switching to a Blix ebike for your short trips, you will reap the mental and physical benefits of spending more time outside being active! These benefits can include increase cardio ability, weight loss, increased endorphins, and a general feeling of well being. 

Ready to participate in the micromobility movement? Let's beat climate change!


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