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Blix Ebike Etiquette: Safe, Courteous, Fun!

September 11, 2019

With recent legislation legalizing ebikes on paths in all national parks, it is important that all riders, including ebikers, practice bike etiquette and keep these parks safe and fun for all! Adventures are better together regardless of the type of bike you ride. In this Blix Journal, we discuss some of Blix tips for Blix ebike etiquette because being kind goes a long way. 


 Bike Etiquette 101

  1. Slow and steady: Riding fast in crowded areas is dangerous to both you and others. Some may be walking on the paths or riding a traditional bike without a 20mph top speed. Keep it slow and enjoy the ride! 
  2. Ring the bell and On your left!: Alerting others to your presence when trying to pass is SUPER IMPORTANT. Ringing the bell well in advance is a great indicator to others that you are approaching and will be passing. No need to yell, but speak up and let them know you are "on their left" and will be riding past. All Blix models now come with an integrated bike bell!
  3. Use Hand Signals: Before you stop or turn, let others behind you and coming the opposite direction know where you will be going.
  4. Stop, look, go: Be sure to STOP at stop signs and follow all laws related to crosswalks and stop signs.
  5. Check it out before you take it out: Do a quick look around and test of your gears, brakes, and lights. Making sure your bike is functioning properly is vital to safe and courteous riding.
  6. Take break time on the side: Stopping in the center of the path for water, to sight see, or grab a snack can be super disruptive to everyone. Pull off to the side and take all the time you need!
  7. Pack your trash: National parks are beautiful sancturies that we hope to enjoy for many years to come. If you stop for a break or have items in your pannier bags or baskets, make sure you leave no trace. Protect the park and maybe pick up some trash while you ride!
  8. The text/call can wait: When riding, taking a call or answering a text is a huge distraction, just like if you were driving. Help protect yourself and others by keeping the phone away while you ride.
  9. Shine bright: Evening rides are super fun, but staying visible at all times will protect you from being hit and front lights can help you avoid hitting others.
  10. Smile and wave: Saying a kind hello, have a great day, or even waving can make someone's day! 

Practicing these simple bike etiquette actions will help others realize that ebikes are a great option of exercising, transportation, and having fun. We can help keep bike paths safe for all and increase the ability of people of all physical abilities to use the path, especially those who previously may not have been able to ride along on a traditional bike or walk the entire trail. 

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