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If Santa had a Packa...

December 12, 2019

While Santa may have a sleigh and reindeer, he is missing out on the fun of a cargo ebike! Maybe he can take notes from Amazon, DHl, and UPS in New York City and make the switch to a cargo ebike for his Christmas delivery method. Let's see all of the cool things Santa could do if he had a Blix Packa.


If Santa had a Packa.....

  • He could load up to 200lbs of presents per trip!
  • He could use the throttle and not worry about tired reindeer.
  • He could skip the roof-top parking and use the front door for once!
  • He could beat gridlock in all major cities and ensure safe delivery before kids wake up.
  • He could reduce his carbon emissions (no more reindeer methane emissions).
  • He could encourage other families to ditch their sleighs and choose a cargo ebike instead!
  • He could work off the cookie calories by using lower levels of pedal assist.
  • He could improve his cardiovascular health and live a long healthy life with Mrs. Claus.
  • He could have way more fun and feel mentally healthy during his most stressful work schedule of the year! Exercise is a great cure for stress.
  • He could feel 1,000 yrs old again (imagine the back and knee pain at 1,749 years old!)

The possibilities of things Santa could do if he had a Packa are seemingly endless! That is the beauty of electric bikes. Everyone uses their Blix differently. Whether you are Santa, an everyday commuter, or someone who just enjoys riding, an ebike can fit your riding needs and change your lifestyle.

Happy Holidays from the Blix team! Let us know if you see Santa on a Packa.

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