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The Exercise Power of EBikes

November 19, 2019

In the last week, a study by Brigham Young Professors has caused major outpouring of support in favor of ebikes and debunks the long held myth that ebikes do not provide a form of exercise. Over the last few months, studies have falsified this claim and state ebikes ARE a great form of exercise. Check out the latest Blix Journal to learn what experts have to say about exercise on an ebike and how Blix ebikes can help you spend more time riding!


Recent Findings:

As discussed by Men's Health, Electrek, and The Verge, the study by researchers at Brigham Young University reveals that ebikers "got nearly as strenuous a workout form an ebike as riding a traditional bike without pedal assistance."Additionally, "riding both types of bikes 'placed the vast majority of participants in the vigorous-intensity heart rate zone'." More specifically, the heart rate of ebike riders was "93.6% of those riding conventional bikes." This suggests that ebikes are a super great form of cardiovascular exercise, even for experienced riders who are already in great physical shape. Whether you are just starting or continuing your riding career, don't skip the ebike because you don't think you will get a good exercise, rather choose it because you'll have the benefit of having a FUN workout! 

Another recent study by the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspective, focused on the "average energy expenditure of different forms of transportation including riding an electric bicycle."  After analyzing over 10,000 adults, a general trend was found that "e-bikers use their bikes more, go longer distances, and often substitute their ebike for driving or transit."

Because of this tendency to ride more often and longer, ebike riders are actually on average expending more energy and thus, getting more exercise. Another fun finding is that ebikes are encouraging older adults, people with sedentary lifestyles, and past injuries to get back on a bike and exercising. Ebikes can be a way "to overcome the 'workouts are too difficult' problem." Imagine the possibilities!

Blix thinks it is clear, these studies encourage us all "to put to bed that idea that e-bikes are somehow cheating."

 Blix Sol riding

How do Blix eBikes Promote Exercise:

The study also mentions that in order to get this type of exercise, riders must use pedal assist and not just the throttle. Blix designed their models to have 5 levels of assist that allow riders to choose how much exercise they want to get and when it is appropriate for them to use more or less assist based on their riding needs. 

Blix ebikes are also designed to make commuting easy and have riders carry everything they might need. This encourages replacing the car, riding more frequently, and often riding for extended distances. The Packa is also designed to help families or people with more cargo to switch up their routine and ride their bike instead of drive as well. Each time the ebike is chosen over a car, not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, you are increasing your calorie burn!

 Blix electric bikes make exercise fun, and in no way should the thought that you are "cheating" by riding an ebike cross your mind.

Happy Exercising!


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