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Blix Tips for Movember

November 07, 2019

November (aka Movember) is men's health awareness month, specifically for prostate cancer and mental health. While it is important to practice healthy lifestyle choices all year long, this November, take the extra step to change your routine and help a loved one such as your brother, father, husband, partner, or best friend do the same to improve their health! And please, support the mustaches!


 Blix Tips for Men's Health:

  1. Ditch the car, cycle to work: This is an easy way to add exercise into a busy lifestyle by changing how you commute to work for a month. Besides feeling great and possibly losing a few pounds, riding to work is fun and can help you de-stress after work. Blix ebikes are great options if you have a long or hilly commute! 
  2. Choose healthy snacks to bring with you: Riding to and from work can make you a little extra hungry. Choosing to bring fruit, nuts, and wholegrain crackers will satisfy your hunger and keep you away from bad fats and processed snacks.
  3. Turn date night into an adventure: Skip the Netflix show and head out for an evening stroll to dinner, ice skating, or move date night to the day and your options for outdoor activities are endless!
  4. Bike Brew Tour: Grab the boys and head out to your favorite brewery. Instead of driving, grab the bikes and pedal on over. You'll want that beer even more. Enjoy responsibly!
  5. Take that meeting for a walk: If you feel stuck at work all day, ask your next meeting if they would want to walk to lunch or for coffee. If you add a walk and bike to work, your heart health will improve drastically.
  6. Pick the kids up on a cargo bike or ride with them to school: school drop-off and pickup is a pain in a car. Make it fun and healthy with a cargo bike like the Packa or your own ebike and follow along with the kiddos.

Why ride an ebike this Movember?

One of the greatest things about an ebike is that it doesn't matter if you haven't ridden a bike in years or ride everyday. You choose how much effort and assist you want while riding. Whether you are starting your exercise journey, looking to use alternative transportation, or physically can't ride a traditional bike, ebikes are perfect. For men looking to change their commute, check out the Aveny! If you have kids or lots of cargo, check out the Packa! Ready to switch up how you RV or live in the city? The Vika+  is for you. All you retirees looking to cruise, the Sol is your match. Regardless of what type of bike you ride, whether it is traditional or an ebike, finding ways to get active will help keep you healthy and reduce the risk of disease and cancer. This November, find one way to switch up your routine and we promise you that living healthy will no longer feel like a chore, rather you will love how many opportunities for adventure it brings.


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