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The Blix Bike Fall Riding Guide

October 23, 2019

Now that we are well into October, leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping. It is the perfect time to prep ourselves for fall riding! Below you will find the Blix fall riding infographic and all the latest tips for the most enjoyable and safe riding during the fall months!

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 Layers are your Friend!

Fall weather is sporadic and can be warm one minute then raining or windy the next. We recommend wearing a cool under-layer, a light weight wind breaker, long pants, and always bringing an extra long-sleeve in case the temperature drops quickly, especially at night. 

Stay Dry

Rain is common and staying dry also means staying warm. We recommend wearing a water resistant or better yet, waterproof jacket. Also, closed-toe shoes are vital in the fall. Gloves are also important to keep your fingers warm and hands from slipping.

Waterproof Accessories

Carrying items to and from work, running errands, or picking the kids up from school, using pannier bags that are waterproof will keep your items and extra clothes dry. It is never fun to reach into your bag and find your paper or computer wet from the rain, keep them dry with items like the Blix bags

Prepare for Early Nights

The sun sets earlier and sometimes before you even head home from your location. To keep yourself safe, make sure you turn your lights on and adding extra reflection to your helmet or clothes is a great extra precaution. Make it fun by adding Halloween lights!

Fall Bike Tuneup

 Keeping your bike in good condition is always recommended for continued fun and safe riding! For fall, we recommend checking the tread on your tires, especially before the season starts to get too rainy. Also, making sure your fenders are properly secured will keep you dry and protect your bike.

Happy fall riding! Click the infographic below for more info!

Blix eBikes Riding Guide Fall


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