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The Matthews Family Recipe for Quality Time

While lunches can be mastered and bedtimes can be determined, the task of keeping your kids happy and entertained is ever changing. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Leah Matthew’s added two to her garage and recharged har family’s sense of adventure. Tag along on Leah’s journey to next level mom status with Packa. 

Until your kids turn 16 and pass their driving test, it’s likely you will be essential in getting them to their next destination. Instead of increasing the mileage on her SUV, Leah introduced her family to a new mode of transportation. “We use Packa to commute to school, outdoor playdates, the grocery store, the zoo and so much more.” Long gone are the days where Leah would pack up the fun as they leave the park, now she rides home at top speeds of 20 mph and listens to her kid’s “woohoos” all the way back. “We use Packa for everything. Weeks will go by without us driving, and we're actually considering selling my husband's car.”

While standing in line with a package at UPS is generally not thrilling, riding through fresh air and whizzing past afternoon traffic to get there can be. It didn’t take long for Leah to realize that with 750 watts of raw power parked in her garage, mundane tasks could easily become excursions for the whole family. “With Packa leading the way, daily tasks are no longer simply checked off my to-do list, they are experienced. Whether I am commuting to work or running errands, I always have more fun with Packa.” While 24 hours seems like plenty of time for practicality and fun, many days slip by at a desk or under fluorescent lights without an ounce of excitement. Instead of stopping at the store on your way home from work, grab the kids and watch your breath freeze together as you race through the streets with a basket full of ice cream. 

Spending quality time with the family never gets old, but eventually movie nights lose their thrill. When Leah was looking into the various ebikes on the market, she selected Packa because the 400 lbs weight limit and VIP section made it possible for her to include the whole family. “Having Packa has inspired us to spend more quality time together. Now we are always outside and we discover more of our beautiful city every weekend.” When facing a day full of errands, there is no need for a babysitter when you have a VIP section. “My kids are always more than happy to ride with me. We’ve done 800 miles in 3 months and our average is about 70-80 miles per week. But if it was up to my kids, we’d be riding 100 miles a day.” 

Are you running out of ways to keep your little ones entertained? For a new method of activity and adventure, check out the Blix Packa.