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Riding Into a Brighter Future: Lisa's Story

January 24, 2024

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Lisa, her husband, and their beloved pooch, Weezy, have found a new way to experience the world together.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Lisa's husband initially had the idea to purchase a few ebikes, and Lisa, who hadn't ridden a bike in years, agreed to take the leap and hasn't looked back since. “We had recently bought a Winnebago Solis 59P and were looking for bikes that would fit in it easily, so we knew we wanted something that folded,” Lisa said. “The Blix looked like the most reliable option we could find online.”

bikes folded in trunk

Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

In March 2021, Lisa realized she needed to make a change for her health and quit drinking alcohol. This significant lifestyle change and reading the book This Naked Mind by Annie Grace gave her a renewed zest for life and brought her back to the joys of biking. Lisa shares, "As soon as I quit drinking, I started feeling much better and embraced my new healthier lifestyle. We started riding our bikes so much more! Even over two years later, every time I get on my bike, it feels like a celebration of feeling great."

lisa on vika bike

The Joy of Sharing Adventures with Loved Ones

Lisa confesses that her husband is more of an outdoors person, but the bikes have brought them closer together and created many unforgettable memories. "With the bikes, we just zip around everywhere together, and it makes everything really easy and fun. I knew we had made the right choice when my husband told me, 'I've never seen you smile as much as when riding that bike,’” Lisa shares.

Lisa's husband with bikes

Exploring New Horizons

The couple loves traveling with their pooch Weezy and picking new bike trails as their destinations. According to Lisa, "Since we got our bikes, we have started picking new bike trails as our destinations, and it's made our trips so much more fun! Some standouts were the Galveston Texas Seawall, Longleaf Trace Trail in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, various trails around Mistletoe State Park near Augusta, Georgia, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail in Marquette, Michigan, and Lincoln Prairie Grass Trail in Mattoon, Illinois."

Vika bikes with van

Changing Lives One Blix at a Time

Not only have the Blix eBikes made exploring new destinations and creating memories more accessible and fun, but they have also changed where Lisa and her husband live. "Living near Cincinnati, we usually kept our bikes in the car and drove to various trails. We were not too far from Xenia, Ohio, which has been called 'the bicycling capital of the Midwest' because it has so many long trails. We enjoyed biking so much that we decided to move closer to those trails so we didn't have to drive so far to get to them." Lisa shares.

Lisa on Vika bike