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The Mutt Hut Chronicles: Kristin Nelson’s Story

Meet Kristin Nelson, a software executive from Silver Spring, Maryland, who has found a new source of joy in her life - her Blix. Kristin first heard about Blix while searching for a folding e-bike to take with her on her travels. As she puts it, "I was looking for the best ebike for quality, price, and weight. Blix really checked all three." She ultimately decided on the Vika+ model, which is lightweight and foldable for easy transportation.

What makes Kristin's Blix experience truly unique is that she takes her two dogs, Penny Wiggles and Lucy Goose, on rides with her using a dog trailer that she's named the Mutt Hut. She says, "The pups are terrific. They absolutely love going on bike rides." She suggests taking it slow and letting them test out a trailer before hopping on the bike to get them comfortable with the bike.

Kristin's favorite memory on her Blix so far is a ride at Assateague State Park in Maryland. She says, "The lights on the Vika+ provided safety, and I was able to switch on some cool LEDs on the dog trailer. It was an easy ride around a campground, but the setup just looked so neat." Beyond just creating fun memories, Kristin says her Blix has improved her life in a meaningful way. After having both knees replaced at a young age, she was unable to ride a traditional bike. But with her Blix, she can ride with confidence and even tackle hills and inclines that she previously couldn't.

Kristin's Blix eBike has brought a new sense of freedom and joy to her life, and she encourages others to consider it as an option. As she says, "If you’re like me and think you’re unable to ride, don’t let that stop you. With an e-bike, you can ride with confidence and ease. It’s worth it!"