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Riding Out of the Mundane With Amanda Jane Jones

March 09, 2023

Growing up in Chicago, Amanda Jane Jones and her family would bike everywhere. Fast forward many years later, Amanda is showing her family how to follow in her family’s footsteps with their Packa Genie.

In 2020, the Jones family moved to the mountains, and Amanda’s legs couldn’t handle the weight of her kids climbing hills on a traditional bike, and as time went on, their bikes started to collect dust. “We ended up using the car more; honestly, it felt suffocating,” Amanda said. “Last year, we got our first Blix bike, and you might think it sounds dramatic, but our first ride made me cry tears of joy.”

amanda riding with kids

With a Packa Genie, Amanda and her family are can escape the mundane and make the most out of the small moments. “My kids love it, and I always remember the phrase, “end on a high note.” As a parent, we all have hard days, but there is something magical about hopping on the bike right after a bath,” Amanda says. “Everyone in jammies and zipping around the block a couple of times before bed. It only takes ten minutes, and it’s the last thing they think about before they fall asleep.”

amanda's family with packa bike

Amanda recommends a Blix for all families alike. “The Blix is great for our family because it fits all my kids safely. The wheel guard keeps their little feet safe from the wheels, and the bars keep everyone safe inside. Our youngest still uses the baby seat, and we use the Yepp, which fits perfectly. The motor is strong enough to carry all of us up the hill safely home, and it’s easy for me to balance and drive.” Amanda says. “There are only a few times as an adult when I feel like a kid again, and bike rides with my family of five are one of those things.”

amanda riding with son on packa bike

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