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Exploring a Beautiful State with a Blix Bike: Karen’s Blix Story

December 19, 2022

Thirty miles outside New York City is home for Karen, a Blix rider who spends the warmer months exploring new trails. Karen and her Aveny have traveled hundreds of miles together, and here’s what she has to say about some of their adventures.

bike on back of car

A Regular on New York’s Rail Trails

Located in the Hudson Valley and boasting more than 20,000 acres of parkland, Westchester County has always been home. She loves New York “because it’s a beautiful state, with the change of seasons and all the rail trails and places to ride that it offers.”

Her favorite trail is a portion of the Empire State Rail Trail—a 750-mile trail that includes the world’s longest elevated pedestrian walkway. Poughkeepsie’s Walkway Over the Hudson spans 1.28 miles and is 212 feet high. Karen notes that it affords “spectacular views of the Hudson River and surrounding areas, especially during the fall.”

blue aveny

Appreciating the Surroundings

Whether seeing the Hudson River with a backdrop of autumn’s splendor or enjoying spring’s wildflower-splattered meadows, you can rest assure Karen’s outside when the sun is shining for a ride. This year, she rode hundreds of miles in the more southern parts of the Empire State, along Lake Tonetta, and beyond.

Before purchasing her Aveny, Karen’s bike rides were mostly in the 20-25 mile range. Thanks to the Aveny’s PAS, she’s able to go further. While using the throttle on occasion, it’s mostly PAS level 1 and 2 that enable her to see more of the beauty of her home state. The Aveny allows her “ to enjoy the ride more and appreciate [her] surroundings.”

Tackling hills is another thing made easier. Karen isn’t afraid to try new trails or encounter hills. This year alone, she biked on 4 new rail trails! The support of the Aveny’s PAS has also made road-riding easier. Because she’s able to go faster when needed, she feels more confident when crossing over roads.

open trail road

Enjoy the Ride

When Karen’s not enjoying the views from a local rail trail, she’s spending the winter months in local spin classes or on her Peloton. To stay busy during the non-cycling season, she recently fell in love with Pickleball, which “burns more calories than you think!”

Karen’s advice to the Blix community is, “Enjoy the ride!” It’s clear that she’s taken some of her own advice.