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Camping, Biking, and Adventuring with Shelby

What better addition to our Rider Stories than Shelby, the ultimate outdoor enthusiast?! We were fortunate enough to chat with the adventure content creator about her experiences with all outdoor activities.

Early East Coast Adventures

Thanks to her mom, Shelby’s love for the outdoors started at a young age. She was skiing by age two and road tripping all along the East Coast throughout her childhood. As a teenager, she put her driver’s license to good use by heading off each weekend for ski trips or to go camping trips with friends.

Create Your Own Definition of Camping

As she’s grown older, Shelby’s realized that someone else’s definition of hiking or camping might not apply to everyone else. She suggests that we all take the time to work out what camping and hiking mean to us.

In fact, it could mean exploring our own surrounding areas and landscapes. It’s common for many people to have dreams of exploring faraway destinations, but hidden treasures can be found in our own backyards! From Shelby herself, “you don’t need to travel far to have fun.”

Always Moving Forward

With adventure near and far, there isn’t much that can get in the way when Shelby wants to explore the great outdoors. Always ready for all-weather adventures, she actually takes advantage of the changing seasons to switch up hobbies and lifestyles. You may catch her skiing in the winter, skateboarding in the summer, and backpacking amidst autumn’s changing leaves.

Here’s what she had to say about her desire to keep moving forward:

“I’m kind of obsessed with movement—it helps me become present. Whether it’s being on the road, on some wheels, or skis, that is where I feel the most peace.”

But Biking Can Help to Slow Things Down

While sitting still clearly doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Shelby, she does enjoy how biking slows things down. She recently renovated a vintage camper and the Vika+ is usually in tow. Whether she’s using it on one of her camper excursions or to commute while back at home, she loves that her ebike is a fun alternative to a car, and makes traveling in the big camper a little easier!

Where to Next?

Towards the end of the summer, Shelby will be heading to California’s Mammoth Mountain for hiking and a skateboarding competition. For readers wondering where to go next, we'll leave you with Shelby’s words of wisdom for the Blix community:

“Go with your gut. My life has gotten exponentially better as soon as I started listening to my inner voice, and not what I think I should do in order to be safe or “set up…” If you ever feel a calling, follow the passion of that and the rest will come.”