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Best Places to Ride in the Spring

Spring time is the best time for breaking out your Blix ebike and heading off on some sunny adventures. There are beautiful places to ride all over the U.S. and we wish we could ride every single trail. We put together a list of our top places to ride in the spring and hope that if you are able to ride here, you'll share your epic adventure. Check out our recommendations below.


Southern Trails:

  • Shark Valley Trail: If you are brave enough to venture through the Everglades, you will love this tropical Florida bike trail. You might even see some gators! Don't worry with your Blix, you'll speed off at 20mph way before the gator catches you.
  • Underground Railroad Bike Route: Start in Mobile Alabama and you can travel up to 2,000 miles on this trail spanning from Alabama to Ontario, Canada. Historic sites include safe houses, monuments, and Harriet Beecher Stowe's house! While you might not make it all 2,000 miles you're Blix will be sure to get you at least 45 miles of exploration on this historic route.

Midwest Trails:

  • Chicago's Lakefront trail: After the winter chill in Chicago, a warm spring day is the perfect time to pack a picnic on your Blix and head out on a ride along the lake. It's a perfect sunset date!  
  • Ohio to Eerie Trail: From Cincinnati to Cleveland, you can ride this trail and explore most of Ohio! In Cleveland, the trail offers an amazing view of Lake Eerie and would be the perfect place for a weekend ride. If you are in southern Ohio, stop along the trail at cute coffee shops, local markets, and see the amazing spring blooms.

East Coast Trails:

  • Hudson River Walkway: If you find yourself in Jersey, this scenic route is 21 miles long and offers gorgeous views of the Hudson River. You can also head into town and pass by cute shops to stop along the way.

West Coast Trails:

  • West Cliff Drive: We are totally biased on this trail because we are located right near the Pacific ocean and can ride up and down West Cliff on our lunch breaks. West Cliff offers whale sightings all spring long and the temperature in Santa Cruz is mild so a light sweater is all you need! Sunsets are truly one of a kind here and you'll find lots of Blix riders cruising along.
  • Washington Park Arboretum: The botanical gardens near the University of Washington are stunning in the spring and this is a great ride to bring your kids along, especially if you have a Packa and can load them up on the rear and go! You'll find yourself stopping to smell the flowers, listen to the birds, and soak up the sun. Hopefully the rain will go away soon!
  • Willamette Valley Scenic Bike Route: The Willamette Valley is gorgeous in the spring and will offer so many amazing sights that you can't miss out on this trail. Plus, head down to the Willamette Valley Vineyard for a nice post-ride glass of wine!

We can't wait to see where you ride this spring! Be sure to send in your pictures!


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