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Top Benefits of Electric Bikes

July 09, 2020


Electric bikes are rapidly gaining popularity around the world and in the United States because they can improve both your mental and physical wellbeing! This list highlights a few of the many benefits of owning an ebike and will help you find the right Blix for you!
Active Lifestyle
An electric bike is ultimately fun and can add a great deal of adventure to your life.
  • Explore further with an electric bike that you thought possible
  • Get back into cycling if you haven’t done it in a while
  • Enjoy the feel of the wind and sunshine while you ride
  • Spend time with your loved ones outside
    Better Health
    Improve your mental and physical health by riding over driving.
    • Riding an electric bike is good exercise even with an electric motor.
    • Flexible exercise: Get as much or as little exercise as you like. An electric bike provides exercise for people of all ages and physical stamina
    • Improved coordination
    • Improved mood. Exercising is great for stress relief and releases endorphins

       woman on bike

      Smart Commuting
      Ebikes present numerous advantages when it comes to traveling to work, running errands or getting around town:
      • You don’t need a car, so you’ll save on gas, insurance, parking fees, car maintenance.
      • Easy parking. You no longer need to drive around in circles to find a parking spot
      • Cut through traffic jams. Reduce your stress level and even get to where you need to go faster.
      • Get good exercise rather than sitting in a car
      • Easily bike over hills without getting sweaty
      • You can bring a foldable electric bike like the Vika+ on a bus or train, so you can commute to your final destination easier.
      Riding an electric bike helps the environment at large, but also the immediate societal environment.
      • No harmful greenhouse gasses from an eBike
      • Less short distance trips completed by car which means less gas and less traffic
      • A renewable/rechargeable form of transportation

      woman on sol 

      So... which Blix do I choose?

      Every Blix model is designed with the rider in mind. There is an ebike for every adventure, riding need, and want! Blix offers folding, cargo, commuter, and cruiser models. Here's a glimpse into each one:

      Aveny: a perfect city or commuter ebike ready for trips to the office, the farmer's market, or around town!
      Sol: a comfortable beach cruiser with a relaxed riding position and wide handlebars.
      Packa: a true cargo ebike that can pack it all! Carry the kids, coolers, blankets and head out for any adventure.
      Vika+: a versatile, folding ebike perfect for RV trips, small apartments and people on the go.
      Whichever ebike you choose, the benefits of riding them are numerous! Where will you ride? 


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