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Sasha Explores Sacramento

February 27, 2020

We love hearing from Blix riders who have found a new way to adventure with a Blix! Sasha uses her Blix Aveny to complete chores, have fun, and even ditch the car. Check out her Rider Adventure below!


Sasha did a lot of research before deciding on her Aveny. Ultimately she "found Blix well rated, its style adorable, and its customer service great." For example, "when I asked a question the response was near-immediate." Once her Blix arrived at her doorstep, she couldn't wait to start riding "to work and around town" mainly for grocery shopping and other errands. 

We asked Sasha to share her favorite place to ride. While she says "I haven't really ridden it outside of my daily routines, I have to figure out how to lock this sucker up, I find it helpful on streets where the bike lanes are next-to-nothing and I need to ride with traffic."  Sasha also shared one of her favorite routines that she uses her Blix Aveny to help her with on the weekends!

"One of my routines is riding with Mercy Pedalers ( I deliver goods using my Burley trailer on the way to the farmers' market every Saturday. I stop on the busy street near my house and under freeway overpasses. I load up at the farmers' market and stop under different overpasses on the way back. Biking with Mercy Pedalers is one of the reasons I bought the bike, and is working out swimmingly."  How fun does that sound?! 

While stopping along the way can be fun, Sasha says "I would love to ride on a strip of land with no stop lights or stop signs so I can really utilize the 5 Pedal Assist level." That would definitely be a speedy ride! Plus, Sasha's favorite part of her Blix Aveny is the "throttle. So Fun!" so going fast seems right up her ally! 

Moreover, Sasha says that in general "riding an e-bike is a lot more fun than a 'regular' bike. Now that I have my trailer, I am able to take it around town, load up, and ride home. The weather in Sacramento is ridiculously nice now (for better or for worse). It has slowly been replacing my car and hopefully it will for all weekly errands by the end of the year."

Thank you Sasha for sharing your awesome Blix story! We can't wait to see where your Aveny takes you :)


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