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Mary's Back On Her Blix!

January 30, 2020

UPDATE: Mary originally shared her story with us in December of 2018. After undergoing ankle surgery, she wrote a five-act story about her experience with her Blix Aveny and how it helped her recover! She has also become a Blix Ambassador and is a great person to connect with on the Blix Owners Group! Check out her updated story below.


Act I:

"Our neighbors bought eBikes just about the time my ankle started declining badly—so badly I could no longer take walks during our frequent trips to Florida.  Sitting around the pool could only satisfy me for so long! I think once I started searching for bike options, ads started popping up on my Facebook feed.  The one that intrigued me was from Blix! I was attracted to the Aveny immediately—stylish yet sturdy, with a retro look I loved! And it was just over half the price of the neighbors’ bikes. Charlie and I did our research, and he ordered one for me.  Immediately my neighbor commented, “He has to have one, too. He’ll never keep up with you!”  So he changed the order to two, and we had them delivered to our Florida place! 

Immediately vacation days changed! Now our days centered around getting out and about on our Blix bikes—following bike paths all over the city—to the beach, to a nature preserve, through neighborhoods. No longer was I stuck by the pool, but I was back to being my active self!"

Act II:

"It was not practical to move the bikes back and forth to Louisville, since we usually fly to St. Pete, so our Christmas presents to each other were two more Aveny bikes for home.  On a rare warm day in January, we logged 25 miles on a beautiful bike path that will eventually loop completely around the city! Now I could return to exploring my hometown!"


Act III:

"The ankle became impossible, although never on the bike! After I scheduled my surgery, I made every effort to log 10 miles a day, preparing my legs for the work they would have to do, rehabbing the ankle."

Act IV:

"The surgery went great, and now I am spending my time reading, binge-watching tv, knitting a bit, and longing to return to my Blix.  Eleven weeks after surgery, I was released from the boot and have already begun rehab involving walking, lots of exercises, and a stationary bike.  My first question to the doctor was about when I could return to my Blix—his answer of 4-6 weeks gave me my next goal."

Act V:


I have been waiting to write this for over four months: I rode my bike today!!! Just shy of 17 weeks after surgery, I hopped on the Aveny, and we rode 8-9 miles, including the steep bridge. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy the Blix experience again. I’m #BackonmyBlix, ya’ll!"

Mary Blix Aveny Rider


A big thank you to Mary for sharing her story with us!
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