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Ebikes are the Future of Transportation

January 03, 2020

While electric cars have gained popularity over recent years, studies looking ahead into the 2020s are arguing that the ebike is the future of transportation. Over the last few years, electric bikes have made their way to the U.S. while continuing to expand in Europe and Asia. In this Blix Life blog, we will highlight reasons why the ebike is the best form of sustainable transportation for the future as well as how cities can improve their infrastructure to support ebikers and traditional cyclists alike.


 Ebikes are the Future:

According to Deloitte,"by 2023, the total number of e-bikes in circulation around the world should reach about 300 million." This is 50% more ebikes than are currently on the road and shows that ebike popularity is continuing to see rapid growth in usage from the young to the old, the avid cyclist to someone who hasn't ridden in 20 years, the exercise fanatic to the once in a while exercise participant. Compare this to the fact that it is predicted there will only be "125 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030." Factors such as price play a large role in the difference in growth between ebikes and e-vehicles, but ask any ebike rider and they will tell you that part of why they chose an ebike is because of the benefits such as feeling better physically and mentally, finding a new way to have fun, and not feeling discouraged by hills or long commutes.

As Treehugger states, ebikes are gaining popularity over cars due to "their convenience, utility, and relatively low cost." Additionally, "according to one survey, 28 percent of e-bike buyers bought the ebike as a substitute for a car, not as an upgrade to a [regular] bike." Imagine if this 28% turned into 50% and then 75% and maybe even 100%! The sustainability of our future with ebikes is looking electric (sorry for the pun...) and we are so excited to be able to continue developing Blix ebikes to fit every riders needs and help more people find the perfect model to ditch the car and make one less frustrating drive around town.

So How Can Cities Help Make this Happen?

Interestingly, while ebikes have gained popularity and the push for clean transportation continues to be prominent in all forms of government from city to federal, many cities (looking at you New York...) have continued to refuse to make vital changes to their bike infrastructure and laws that allow people to use ebikes to their full capacity. The first step to ensuring that ebikes and bikes in general continue to grow in usage compared to cars is to offer truly safe and efficient bike lanes that connect major city locations, do not disappear into traffic or sidewalk parking spaces, and have clear regulations on car/bike sharing. 

Moreover, cities can legalize the usage of class 2 ebikes which would allow delivery workers to use cargo ebikes instead of mopeds or cars to successfully complete their deliveries and reduce their carbon footprint as well as traffic congestion. Hopefully as more people see the benefits of ebikes, cities will also see the benefits such as cleaner air, less traffic, and even more fit populations. Working with local activist groups in your area can also ensure the future of ebikes!

There is a lot of work to be done, but ebikes will continue to provide the best solution for micromobility and the reduction in carbon emissions will reap tremendous benefits.


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