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How Tia LaFavor Put 2000+ Miles on Her Blix

Since Tia LaFavor was a kid, she’s been passionate about health, wellness, and the environment. With the COVID-19 pandemic, her Packa Genie has brought ease and joy into her minimalist life. To top it off, she's ridden her Blix over 2000 miles from her commute to work, and she’s here to share how you can, too.

Tia has ridden her Blix 2000+ miles, and nothing is stopping her now.

Last year, Tia posted on the Facebook Blix Owners Group that she had ridden her Blix over 1000 miles. The Blix community was curious about how one does this while keeping your bike in excellent condition.

Before purchasing her Packa, Tia rode a manual bike to work, which was 17 miles away. Although this was a great way to get her cardio in, it took her way too long to get to and from work.

“My Blix has been a relief,” Tia said. “I bought my Blix online, so I bit the bullet, and it’s been saving me so much time and energy. Even though I love the workout I get from a real bike, my legs were exhausted, and with my Blix, I got to my destinations so much quicker.”

Because Tia was riding her Packa Genie about 34 miles a day (while towing a trailer), she knew it was important to ride prepared with extra dual batteries and have regular tune-ups. She encourages others that this is essential for putting serious miles on your Blix.

“I always take extra batteries because sometimes, I won’t be somewhere long enough to charge the bike,” Tia said. “Also, just like you need to know how to change a car tire, you need to know how to change a bike tire. It’s also important to take it in for tune-ups every three months.”

Tramp, the service dog, travels everywhere with Tia.

Tia’s service dog, Tramp (named after Lady and the Tramp), is a service dog trained by International Hearing Dog Incorporated, and he rides with her everywhere with a Burley Tail Wagon. Tia’s Packa Gene with the trailer gets a lot of looks from folks on the street, and they are pleasantly surprised to see a pup in the back.

“It took a lot of training, but he gets in and out on command. I had to make sure he’s comfortable and steady,” Tia said. “I wear protective goggles while I’m riding, and I make sure Tramp wears them too because if I’m getting something in my eyes, he is too.”

Tia keeps going by striving to do good, always.

When Tia was a kid, she had an intentional thought process about what she would do with her life. At a young age, she decided that she would live every day with purpose. Most importantly, when she leaves this world, she’s hoping to leave it in a better place.

“I always have intent to do good. Whether it’s for the environment, animals, or myself,” Tia said. “I am always striving to be stronger and faster, so this allows me to live every day with a purpose.”