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How Rebecca Found Freedom And Independence With Blix

It’s no secret that having kids changes everything. Rebecca, a lifetime rider from Seattle, Washington just didn’t realize that included her mobility. When her pregnancy triggered a genetic condition that attacks the joints, she was faced with a choice. Allow this condition to steal her freedom, or find a better way to get from A to B. She chose to fight and enlisted the Blix Sol for help. This is a story of a woman who changed the game and took her life back (minus the pain) with just a few rides a day.

“I hardly recognized myself. I used to spend all day outside, moving my body and feeling the wind in my hair, and in a matter of days, I was bedridden. My body was capable and strong, only my joints couldn’t support me.” Years passed and the pain wasn’t going away. With a growing family, Rebecca needed her strength more than ever. “I’d spent enough time feeling weak. I wanted to get out of the house and breathe in the day. It was my friend that suggested I look into ebikes.” Accustomed to typical road bikes, Rebecca knew comfort was key. “The retro styling of the Sol caught my attention on social media, and as I looked closer, I had a lightbulb moment. I realized that the cruiser geometry of the Sol's frame would be much more gentle on my joints.” It wasn’t overnight, but Rebecca started to regain her strength. “The electric assist put me in control. I managed my own recovery and matched the assistance to my changing needs and abilities.” Familiar feelings came rushing back as Rebecca started gaining ground. “My Sol has opened up so many possibilities that I thought had been closed. Commuting to work feels possible again, and I even harbor hope that my ebike might help me get back to running. It's been an absolute dream.”


“Many months and miles later, Rebecca is living a new life. “It's been a revolution. My impulse paid off in every possible way. I can play with my kids, run (speedy) errands and above all, I feel independent again.” The speed, range and pedal assist support Rebecca’s body, but it's the welcome rush of fresh air that has spurred change in her mind. “I used to run outside every day, for exercise, solitary thoughts and the sweet sound of my feet against the pavement. It was really difficult to give up this form of mental escape, but my bike has restored my freedom. It's still relatively new, and surprisingly emotional. I feel like I’m coming back to myself after a long time away.”

Everyone has a different story and destination. An ebike is not a magic wand you can wave over your life, but for people like Rebecca, those who have slowed down or are plagued by pain, it can be a solution. A source of motivation, a challenge or maybe just a new way to take in the day. Wherever you’re on your journey, know you're never alone. All you have to do is reach for assistance and grab a helmet.