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Cruising for Self Care - Roxanna’s Story

Like most others, Roxanna loves the sense of freedom she experiences while riding her eBike. But for her, each time she cruises home on her Sol in the pre-sunset hours of the evening, her ride is so much more.

Roxanna is a preschool and co-kindergarten teacher. The past two years have felt really long, for both her, an essential worker, and the young kids she works with. Fortunately, she’s able to treat each ride like a happy hour.

The spokes of her wheels are decorated with fun, multi-colored LED lights and she’s got a speaker pumping out joyful music, like tunes from Lizzo and Michael Franti.

As she passes through two towns in California’s Bay Area, she’s able to shift away from the work day. By the time she arrives home, Roxanna feels like she’s on cloud nine.

As a service-oriented person, this is important for her. In addition to working with young kids, Roxanna gives back in several other ways as a group facilitator and prenatal yoga teacher. She’s also done a lot of intense work, including grief counseling and hospice support. But when she’s on her bike “it’s just joy.” And it’s just for her.

“When I’m riding my bike I’m not necessarily serving a community, but I’m receiving so much.”

She considers each ride a form of self-care, a joyful way to feed her spirit. And it also has a beautiful ripple effect. She sees her joy wash over the people she passes—the children who stare in wonder as her illuminated, seafoam-colored Sol cruises by, or the adults who shout out “cool bike” or ask to take a photo.

Isn’t this what life is all about?

When we create moments of pure joy for ourselves, other people can feel it and sense it, too. So, next time you’re out for a ride, bring your speaker and check out a few of Roxanna’s favorite riding songs, like “Rollin'' by Cardi B (NSFW) or “Good Day” by Surfaces.

Then, simply let joy flow with each pedal. Allow a smile to broaden across your face, and watch it do the same for those you pass.