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Flipping 50 loves her Blix Aveny!

February 25, 2020

Recently, Debra from Flipping50 tested out adding a Blix Aveny to her already highly active lifestyle! While she may do triathlons, the Blix ebike is a great option for recovery, leisure, and if you struggle with painful joints! Check her review in the latest Blix Reviews blog. Plus, watch her Youtube Video!


Debra and her Flipping50 business is a great place for women looking to stay fit in their 50s! She offers excellent routine changes, workouts, and even some fun like her leisure riding on the Blix Aveny! She says "yes I do triathlons, but sometimes you just want an out and about bike where you don't necessarily have to do the workout." Plus, "so many of my clients have bad knees." 

She is excited to check out the Blix to show those who "don't feel like they can ride a bike anymore and yet it seems to be like this is one of the easiest ways to get outside" especially if you are limited in your ability to exercise by bad knees or other joint issues. An electric is great because "you got a little boost right at your fingertips with the Aveny. So if the uphills are hard, no problem sister!"

Debra decided to share her love of the Aveny with the Flipping50 sisterhood and she "had a hard time getting it back!" With a bunch of laughter, some free wheeling, and one woman yelling "this is a hoot!" Sometimes having that extra assist is just what you need to get outside and relax. Debra is a big supporter of taking a break every once in a while and finding an activity that is fun! 

Plus, "most of us are probably going to have a joint issue here and there so when you need a boost, you've got your Aveny!"

Check out her video review below! And head to to learn more!

Thank you Debra and the Flipping50 sisterhood for testing out the Aveny!


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