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Blix eBike Update: What is consumer direct?

January 10, 2020

Blix is super excited to announce our change to consumer direct! This change provides awesome opportunities for us and for you. Plus, we have been able to lower ALL Blix prices! With this exciting change comes important questions like, what is consumer direct? How do I benefit from this? What does it mean for support, warranty, repairs? All of these questions and more are answered in our latest Blix News blog! Check out the new Blix prices below.


What is Consumer Direct?

Consumer direct is a type of business model where companies sell directly to you without using a "middle man" per-say or other third party sellers. This means that when you want to learn more about Blix or buy a Blix, you'll work directly with a team member from the Blix headquarters and will do all of this using the website! 

How do I benefit from this?

By switching to consumer direct, you as a customer will have direct contact with a Blix team member throughout your entire Blix journey! Whether you are buying your first Blix, wanting to join other riders on social media, or just curious about ebikes in general, we will be in touch and providing the best information, resources, and help. Furthermore, this change is great because being in direct contact with every Blix owner allows us to keep improving the entire Blix experience and we’re so excited to see the speed at which the Blix community is growing. When you buy a Blix, you can count on us riding with you all the way. Plus, going consumer direct allows us to offer you lower prices while maintaining the high Blix standard and attention to detail. 

What does it mean for support, warranty, and repairs?

Fear not, our tech support team is the best around and always eager to help. If you ever have a question, need repairs, or have a warranty issue, you can contact our support at or give them a call at 855-655-2549. They will work one on one with you, direct you to a local bike shop if needed, and make sure you get all of the parts you need. Almost any local shop will work on a Blix and our tech support will guide them along the way. 

Can I still test ride before buying?

Something really unique about us is that we are continuing our partnerships with local showrooms and rental shops! You can find locations across the U.S. and we'll continue to add even more. Check out all the current test ride locations here!

New Blix Prices!

With the same uncompromising design, user-friendly features, and power for any hill, all Blix ebikes have new prices!

  • The Sol is now $1499 (originally $1699)
  • The Aveny is now $1599 (originally $1899) 
  • The Packa is now starting at $1599 (originally $1999)
  • The Vika+ is now $1599 (originally $1699)

 We are so grateful for all of your continued support and look forward to an electric future! Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Happy Riding! - The Blix Team


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Note: Photo is from @kavivu

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