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CleanTechnica Reviews the Packa

March 05, 2020

Over the last month, Kyle from CleanTechnica has been rigorously testing the Packa with his family. He has reviewed quite a few other ebikes, so we were super excited when he wanted to take the Packa for a spin. His first thought, the Packa "can haul an entire family around!". Check out his review in the latest Blix blog.


Kyle describes the Packa as seeking "to bring together the best of electric bike technology and uber functional cargo bikes." What makes the Packa unique is "that it is a compact electric cargo bike that fits an impressive amount of functionality into 81 inches that's just a hair longer than most traditional bikes." Another great feature is that it has "one of the lowest step frames available on a cargo bike." This is super important especially when carrying a lot of weight and kids because it makes it easier to get off and on as well as unload. 

Additionally, Kyle was impressed by the range of the Packa. On the single battery option, he liked the "slick way of integrating the battery into the look and feel of the bike and utilizing it as a structural element in a seamless way." However, as a dad planning to carry his kids, Kyle opted for the dual battery option. He said "not only does it boost the range of the bike up to nearly 70 miles of assisted riding per charge, it opens up a host of other options for riders."

These include:

  • For shorter rides, the large battery can be disconnected and left at home or at the workplace
  • Ability to decide when you need extra power to carry heavier loads 
  • Not worry if you forgot to charge the 10.4 Ah battery

In addition to the style and power of the Packa, Kyle was appreciative of the Blix accessories and multi-modular rack system. "Our demo bike came with a large basket up front and a VIP section in the rear with two of the seat pads. Our boys 8 and 10 fit comfortably on the rear of the bike." Kyle packed the Packa nearly to its max 400lbs payload and said "thankfully, the Packa was up to the task and moved us around town to school, to the coffee shop, and more many times over." Whether you have kids or not, the accessories let you customize the Packa to your cargo needs.

So how was the ride? "It's like having a tailwind behind you, so whether you're heading uphill, riding around with a few hundred pounds of your closest friends, or just going to the beach for a leisurely afternoon with the surfboard, it's all good."

You can find Kyle's full review here! Thank you for taking the time to test the Packa to its max!


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