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March 02, 2020

March 3rd is national Day of Unplugging. That means, unplug your phone, computer, video console, and get outside! One of our favorite ways to unplug here at Blix is to go on a team bike ride. We challenge you and your family to take a bike ride today and keep the practice of spending time outdoors together throughout the year! Check out the latest Blix blog to learn how the Blix Packa can help you spend more time outdoors with your family and see how one mom spent the day with her kids.


What is the Packa?

The Blix Packa is our awesome and super useful compact cargo ebike. It can carry up to 400lbs, has a 20mph speed, and up to a 70 mile range. It utilizes a dual battery system meaning you can either choose a single battery option with a 48V 10.4ah battery or you can choose a dual battery option which adds an additional 48V 14Ah battery to the bike. The Packa has smart mounting points in the front and the rear so you can customize it to fit your riding needs! You can attache Thule Child seats directly onto the rear rack to ensure the safest riding for young kids or use the Blix VIP section and rear rack cushions for older kids! 

You can learn more about the Packa here.

What can I do with my family and the Packa on the day of unplugging?

With the Packa you can:

  • Take the kids to the park
  • Ride around town and stop for ice cream together
  • Head to the local lake or ocean drive and spend time in the sun
  • Ride together to school and stop for bagels along the way
  • Take an after school ride to an aquarium, zoo, or museum
  • Head to the nearest national park and explore!

There are so many activities you can do with your family that don't include using your phone or any electronics!

How can I use the Packa if I don't have kids?

The Packa is designed so you can tailor it to your riding needs! If you don't have kids, you can add baskets and bags to carry what you want. You could spend the day:

  • Challenging yourself to not use the car all day
  • Go camping with the Packa
  • Explore your local area and take a new route
  • Go on a date! Pack a picnic, chairs, some wine and be on your way

Today, you should find a way to enjoy the outdoors in a new and fun manner. With the Packa, your opportunities are endless! 

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