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Focus On You

January 15, 2021

Life is a series of habits.

We have full control over the 24 hours in each day, but aren’t always the best drivers. Every New Year’s Eve, millions of people evaluate their day-to-day looking for the simple shift that will change everything. This ritual is timeless but also famous for being ineffective. Studies show that 80% of resolutions fail by the start of February. Don’t make a resolution, make a choice. Choose to live a better life and make it a habit.

At any given time, we’re surrounded by millions of stimuli. The colors of cars whipping by, the family of five across the street and the endless amount of entertainment at our fingertips. Identify what you really want by taking time to unplug. Leave your phone behind and reflect during your daily walk or share the silence with a friend. Look up instead of down and notice where your mind wanders with nothing in the way. We’ve been trained to expect instant gratification, measurable results. It’s one reason why 5G is sweeping the nation but also an explanation for our declining attention span. Set goals, record your progress, and stay focused on the big picture. Maybe your accomplishment is as simple as reading a chapter each night or saying “no” to take out. Whatever it is, write it down. Check marks, big & small, pave the way to staying on track.

Health and wellness is a topic that speaks to us all. However, it’s easy to ignore when choosing between a morning run and an extra hour in bed. Rearrange your day to accommodate what’s good and fun. Break up a lazy Sunday with a walk around the block or take a long ebike ride while leveraging the throttle. Make it easy. Choose to be okay with where you are while looking forward to where you want to be. The route towards a better quality of life is not a tightrope, it’s okay to weave in and out of the lanes.

The landscape of life changes everyday. Who knows when we’ll be able to enjoy buttery flavors in a crowded theater, but the great outdoors are always open to explore. Take on the new terrain with confidence and prioritize your time in the sun. There’s no need for a plan or a destination. Get outside and discover what is hiding behind your backdoor. By spending 15 minutes in nature each day, your body will receive all the benefits of vitamin D. Plus, the capabilities of your own two feet can be expanded with an ebike’s two wheels and pedal assist. Motivate your friends by sending a post-workout picture or compete with them on mileage and steps. A friendly competition keeps you on track and having a built-in cheer squad never hurts. It’s not always easy so celebrate the daily wins.

Making the most life is a choice. You have to decide to get up and move. Change your alarm and close your inbox. You already know what the answer is, just do it. Jumpstart your morning with a ride along the water or follow a setting sun down the coast. It’s simple, just focus on what makes you happy. There is always more to be seen and discovered. Start charting your next adventure and watch your day come to life.