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Scott's Secret To Success

To change your life, you have to take action. One of our riders did exactly that and in doing so, he became the guy he’s always wanted to be. Scott had been driving one mile from his house to Venice beach to surf (paying $20 for parking each day) until he put his foot down on the Packa. Affectionately known as Bicheal, Scott’s new ride has encouraged him to drive less, surf more and enjoy everything in between. Take a page out of this actor's playbook.

Being active isn’t always easy. “Once I get in the water it’s all worth it, but loading up, finding parking and carrying my board down to the ocean takes energy. Now that I have my Blix, it feels like I’m recharging en route.” Before the pandemic, Scott spent every Sunday at the beach teaching kids how to surf. “I used to camp out all day with 3 boards, extra toys and a stereo. Now that I can run home for extra gear easily, I’m thinking this summer is going to be even better.” Scott had been interested in ebikes for a while and took his time making a decision. “I needed something with good range and cargo space. Once Blix caught my eye, I stopped looking. The Packa was exactly what I wanted and being based in Santa Cruz was a plus in my book.” Since joining the team, Scott has found a new way through life and it’s paying off in a number of ways.

Change is easier when it’s fun. And as a rising actor who spent too much time in the car, Scott was ready for some. “LA is stunning and while the cars are nice, there are way too many of them, me included. I was constantly driving across town for auditions, stopping at the store and checking off errands from a confined space. I hated that I was always inside and I needed a new way to move. The Packa has reminded me that I can roam (and travel) in a better way. I can take off for the park, wander my backyard or simply explore while pedaling with ease and my body will reward me for it. Even on hills, I can cruise at a good clip without having to huff and puff at the top. The sun feels great on my back and my waist band has already shrunk.” Scott loves to talk about his new ride so fielding questions is no problem. “As soon as I park Bicheal, people come calling. I tell them that riding has changed my life and that each day is more exciting. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve sold a few.”

For Scott, summer has already started. The days are warmer, longer and more adventurous now that he’s riding. We all have the option to get outside and revel in the day, but often our schedules don't allow it. Do what Scott did. Be intentional with the movements and experience every inch of your life. Travel in a better way with an ebike (and save on parking while you do it.)