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Here's Why Michelle Switched From A Bike To A Blix

It’s always the right time for adventure. The body was built to move and before a health condition slowed her down, Michelle was no stranger to activity. Ready as ever to get back in the game, she picked up a Packa as hasn’t slowed down since. 

“I feel like I’m in my 20’s!” Michelle, like many of us, has health constraints that can get in the way of a fun day. “I used to ride all the time and I enjoy the Florida heat, but the humidity really sets off my allergies.” Paired with a slight heart condition and strong winds, it was challenging for Michelle to keep her miles up on a regular bike. “I was not done with the road and it wasn’t long before ebikes started popping up everywhere.” She knew what she wanted and in weeks, her entire life changed.

“I thought I was going to have to give this up - ‘the sound of birds overhead and the sweet warmth on your back.’ I’ll never have to worry again.” Michelle is back on track and more adventurous than ever. “There is something about an empty street and a starry night. I get bored inside knowing my Packa is charged and I even take my cat out sometimes.” Nowadays, this Florida native rides more than she drives. “People stop me left and right asking about the bike. I take my time showing it off and always note that I didn’t purchase an ebike to replace my car, it just kind of happened. Now that I have the option between an activity and sitting in a box, I choose what’s fun and sustainable.”

The smallest tweaks can make a huge difference. “Before Blix, it felt like my freedom was slipping away. And now, my cheeks are flushed with adventure every day. My story is far from over and I’ve stopped trying to predict what’s in front of me. I’m looking forward to what’s coming and what I’ll experience along the way.”